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The Confederated Tribes of Siletz seeks to provide opportunities for Tribal members to reach potential, establish independence and improve quality of life through lifelong learning and education.

The program manager is responsible for the design, development and implementation of programs and services to fulfill Tribal goals and purposes for childcare, culture, education, pow-wow and education services.

Importance of Attending Online School - Click to View Flyer

We would like to remind parents and students that online school is real school and daily attendance is monitored. Daily attendance and completion of work is especially important for high school students and graduation depends on your attendance.


The 2021 College Student Summer Internship Program is accepting applications. More information available in the Member Area.

College, Grad School, Training and GED

Higher Education Program

The Higher Education Program is a scholarship program for eligible Siletz Tribal members to continue their education beyond high school. Developing leadership skills and increasing employment opportunities in professional fields is the goal of participants. The program requires admission and enrollment in an accredited institute pursuing a Bachelor's Degree or a two-year program that will transfer to a four-year college or university, a Master's program or a PhD. The program is available to all tribal members regardless of residency.

Siletz Higher Education Manual

Students must:

  • Be an enrolled tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.
  • Provide a letter of acceptance for enrollment at an accredited college or university leading to a four or two year transferring degree program
  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid by January 31st and demonstrate financial need as determined by the college or university financial aid office through a Need Analysis.
  • Complete the Tribal Higher Education Grant application by the date set for the current academic year:
    June 30th for the Academic Year

Application Process

  • Tribal Higher Education grant application
  • Statement of educational goals and plans after completing chosen field of study
  • Verification of Siletz Tribal Enrollment
  • Letter of Acceptance for admission
  • Complete high school transcripts, GED certificates or complete college transcript
  • Financial Award Letter from College or university (must apply for financial aid by January 31st of each year)
  • Results of placement test (if part of school's admission process)
  • Degree evaluation for students with junior status

Download Application:
Higher Ed App 

Tribal financial aid is provided after federal and state grant and scholarship awards are made. Payment is made for tuition and books, or if that has been covered by the other sources, then that same amount may be awarded for living expenses.

Higher Education Graduate Grant

This grant is for graduate students enrolled in the Siletz Tribe. Applications are due June 30th each year. Please read the application carefully and submit all the documentations required. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Process

  • A PERSONAL LETTER in which you state why you require a higher education grant, how you plan to use the funding, and describe your plans and goals after graduation.
  • A copy of your complete COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT(S) including all graduate and undergraduate coursework
  • A LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE from the college you plan to attend (first-time/transferring applicants ONLY).
  • Documentation that you applied to the American-Indian Graduate Center Scholarship Program (


  • The applicant must be an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon.
  •  The applicant must be enrolled in or eligible for enrollment in a college or university that is state or regionally accredited.  
  • To be eligible to receive an award, the applicant must have submitted a complete graduate grant application with all supporting documents before June 30.
  • All necessary documentation must be submitted before the application will be processed.  Applications missing documentation will not be considered for funding. 

Note: This funding is very limited and may not be available every year. If accepted, you are responsible for updating the Tribe with contact information is changed. Applications must be renewed each academic year to be considered for funding.

Graduate Grant Application 

Adult Vocational Training Program

The Adult Vocational Training Program provides support for vocational training for Siletz Tribal Members residing within the 11 county service area. The program requires a high school diploma or GED certificate and focuses on individuals with no previous training, job skills, or trade. Training may be obtained at either a community college or a technical institute. If a student is attending a private college or university, the amount is then based on the nearest state college/university.

Students must be:

  • An enrolled CTSI tribal member.
  • Eighteen (18) years of age. High school graduates are eligible at seventeen (17) years.
  • In need of training to obtain reasonable and satisfactory employment or be under employed and lack of additional training would result in extreme hardship for the applicant and in need of financial assistance to obtain training (25 CFR Section 27.5).
Note: Only those applicants who declare a desire and intent to accept full time employment as soon as possible after completion of training will be selected. Plans may subsequently change, but the intent of the training program is preparation for employment and this must be the initial intent of program participants. The program is not meant to serve as a preliminary to immediate further education assistance.

Application Process

  • Completed Siletz Tribal Adult Vocational Training application form.
  • Verified Indian eligibility.
  • Residency Requirement. Applicant must live within the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians eleven (11) county service area.
  • Statement of educational goals and plans after completing field of study.
  • Letter of acceptance to training institute.
  • Verification of application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)(must apply for financial aid by January 31st of each year)
  • Financial Aid Package Form certified by Financial Aid Officer of education institution.
  • High school, GED certificate or college transcripts.

Download Application:

Tribal financial aid is provided after federal and state grant and scholarship awards are made. Payment is made for tuition and books, or if that has been covered by other sources, then that same amount may be awarded for living expenses.


Adult Education

Adult Education assists tribal members within the 11-county service area with skill development classes and General Education Development (GED) classes to obtain and retain employment . The program may provide funding for special interest and education classes. The program coordinates with other service providers to establish continuity for Adult Education. Applications are available at the four tribal area offices

Download Application:
Eugene | Portland | Salem | Siletz


For more information and applications, email:

Portland Area Office

Katy Holland
(503) 238-1512
12790 S.E. Stark Street Suite 102
Portland, OR 97233

Salem Area Office

Sonya Moody-Jurado
(503) 390-9494
3160 Blossom Dr NE Suite 105
Salem, OR 97305

Eugene Area Office

Nick Viles
2468 West 11th
Eugene, OR 97402

Siletz Area Office

Alissa Lane
(541) 444-8373
201 SE Swan Avenue
P.O. Box 549
Siletz, OR 97380

Student Incentive Program

The Siletz Tribal Council desires to reward students for their educational achievement, and encourage them to continue on into higher education by rewarding each milestone. This is a monetary incentive and is awarded by level of education. *Applicant must be enrolled Siletz Tribal members at time of completion/graduation.

Fill out the application below and send it to your local Education Specialist.