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The Confederated Tribes of Siletz seeks to provide opportunities for Tribal members to reach potential, establish independence and improve quality of life through lifelong learning and education.

The program manager is responsible for the design, development and implementation of programs and services to fulfill Tribal goals and purposes for childcare, culture, education, pow-wow and education services.

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Arthur S. Bensell Memorial Scholarship

Application due date: June 30th

Arthur S. Bensell was an educator, civic leader, Tribal Council member and Tribal Chairman. He spent many years in service to his community and Tribe as Mayor of the City of Siletz and tribal leader.

Art attended Ohio State University and graduated from Heidelberg College in 1934. During his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, he served as a teacher, principal and reservation principal in Minnesota, Alaska and North Dakota. Upon returning to Siletz, Art became involved in tribal business affairs and served many years on the Tribe's Education Committee and always strived for better educational opportunities for tribal members.

A memorial scholarship fund was established through the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians to honor and award tribal members in education. The $1000 scholarship is administered by the Tribal Education Committee and strengthened by various fund raising activities throughout the year.

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Pepsi - Craig Whitehead Scholarship

Application due date: June 30th

Pepsi, Inc. donates scholarship funds to the Siletz Tribe and has asked that this scholarship be the Pepsi -Craig Whitehead Scholarship in honor of Craig Whitehead.

This scholarship is open to any field of study.

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Siletz Scholarship

Application due date: June 30th

This scholarship is open to any field of study.

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Morris K. Udell Foundation Scholarships

Application due date:  Please check scholarship website.

The Scholarship Program awards eighty $5,000 merit-based scholarships for college sophormores and juniors seeking a career in tribal health, tribal public policy or the environment.  Scholarship recipients participate in a five-day orientation in Tucson, Az, to learn more about tribal and environmental issues.  Applications must be submitted through a Udall Faculty Representative at the student's college or university.  More information about Faculty Representative can be found on the Udall website. 

We encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about our programs.

Sharon Butler Memorial Scholarship

Applications will be available February 1st.

The purpose of the Sharon Butler Memorial Scholarship is two fold.

First, this scholarship was created to recognize and honor the achievements and contributions of Sharon Butler. Sharon was the manager of the USDA Food Program for the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. She spent her entire adult life in service to her tribe and family. Known as "Auntie," she was a tremendous resource to the community, and a steady and stabilizing influence in her family. On June 2, 1992, she was killed in a collision caused by a drunk driver as she completed her final preparations for a trip to Washington, D. C. to represent the Siletz Tribe at a housing conference. Her good work was the inspiration for this scholarship.

Second, the scholarship is designed to promote the educational development and tribal leadership of Siletz tribal members who are residents of Lincoln County and who are about to begin college, by providing financial assistance and recognition to them for the critical first year of their college career.

The scholarship was created by contributions from Sharon's husband, Ron Butler, Ray Thomas of Royce, Swanson, Thomas, and Coon (her lawyers), and contributions from family and friends. Grace Castle provided her considerable organizational energy in getting the scholarship established and Rex Krabbe of the Lincoln County Foundation and Bob Tom from the Siletz Tribe provided much assistance in creating procedure for operation of the fund.

Sheryl Simmons joined us in 1996. She is the manager of the tribe's bingo game and is Sharon's sister-in-law and close friend.

Bob Tom retired in 1997 and was replaced in 1998 by interim Higher Education Specialist Kelly Ball. In 1999 Bev Youngman, Programs Manager, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians replaced Kelly on the Sharon Butler Memorial Scholarship Committee.

The Scholarship Committee will annually select the recipient of a $1,000.00 award which shall be payable toward rent, food, books, and other living expenses. The scholarship fund will be managed by the Lincoln County Foundation.

Applicants must fill out the attached applicant information form. The selection committee wants to learn about the applicant, and it is therefore essential that no person except the applicant fill out the application form.

Between April 15, 2011 and May 9, 2011 following the receipt of the completed application packages the selection committee will meet in Bev Youngman's office to examine applications and discuss the field of applicants. Applicants should be prepared to meet with the selection committee for a personal interview if the committee has difficulty choosing the most deserving applicant

The committee will meet between April 15 and May 9, 2011 at Bev Youngman's office in the Tribal Administration building on Swan Avenue in Siletz to consider applications. A decision will be made by May 10, 2011 about the winner of the scholarship.
The winner of the scholarship will then be personally notified, and will be invited to attend the annual August Siletz Tribe Powwow for official recognition and presentation of the scholarship award. Recognition of the award will also be made at the Awards Ceremony at the recipients Lincoln County High School.

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APPLICATION DUE:  June 30    *Open to Students in a natural resources field, pre-Law or law school.* 

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