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The Siletz Tribal Health Care Program is the delivery of comprehensive health care to the Siletz Indian People and their dependants residing within the eleven county service area of Western Oregon. Services are provided through a combination of direct care, contracts and referral to appropriate agencies.

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200 Gwee-Shut Rd.
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380

(800) 648-0449
(541) 444-1030
(541) 444-444-9678 Health Administration Fax for "non-patient information only"

Medical Records Fax: (541) 444-9695


Marci Muschamp, Health Director  

Ralene Butler, Admin/QI Coordinator
Ruby Moon, Community Health Director 

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Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


"We'll do everything possible to not only provide you with quality health care, but also to involve you in decisions about your health, and participate with you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the future.

For your part, we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism you might have. Hopefully, through a cooperative effort, we can provide excellent health care for healthier, happier lives."



Tobacco Prevention & Education Program »

Tobacco Prevention & Education Program

Tobacco Prevention and Education Programs (TPEP):

The Tobacco Prevention Education Coordinator includes: Developing and implementing the TPEP  MPOWER Work plan. 
  • Monitor (Understand) existing Siletz Agency commercial tobacco use and prevention policies.
  • Protect people from exposure to second hand smoke.
    Siletz Tribal Work sites
       Siletz Tribal Venues
       Siletz Tribal Events and Gatherings
       Siletz Tribal Housing
  • Offer:  Quit line information palm cards to the Siletz Community Health clinic and providers.
  • Warn against the dangers of commercial tobacco use:  Provide evidence based information about second hand smoke and third hand smoke.
  • Enforce:  Ensure tobacco prevention policies are supported with appropriate signage.   
                  Provide information that there are existing tobacco prevention policies
                   Employee hand book and Tobacco Prevention Resolutions exist for the Siletz Community Health Clinic.
                    Smoke Free:  Tribal Administration and related properties:  25 foot rule. 
  • Raise the price of cigarettes:  Provide the purpose for raising the price of commercial tobacco  The tribe can apply for funds from the cigarettes that are taxed for tobacco prevention efforts

Collaborating with diverse partners, such as Tribal, community and state agencies

Promoting healthy environments and communities, such as housing, work sites and events, so everyone who accesses the buildings and events can do so without exposure to secondhand smoke. TPEP support includes tobacco prevention signs, information and policies that protect Siletz Tribal properties and buildings.

Reducing the influence of tobacco product marketing by providing evidence-based information to key stake holders

Providing the quit line number (800-QUITNOW or 800-784-8669) to clinic staff and encouraging people to access their expert medical provider for cessation guidance.

Providing commercial tobacco-free policy support for the Siletz Tribe by providing updated information about the risks of secondhand smoke and the populations that are vulnerable, including infants, children, pregnant women, Elders and people with diabetes, COPD (cardio pulmonary obstructive disease) and asthma.