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The Siletz Tribal Health Care Program is the delivery of comprehensive health care to the Siletz Indian People and their dependants residing within the eleven county service area of Western Oregon. Services are provided through a combination of direct care, contracts and referral to appropriate agencies.

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Contact Information

200 Gwee-Shut Rd.
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380

(800) 648-0449
(541) 444-1030
(541) 444-444-9678 Health Administration Fax for "non-patient information only"

Medical Records Fax: (541) 444-9695


Marci Muschamp, Health Director  

Ralene Butler, Admin/QI Coordinator
Ruby Moon, Community Health Director 

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Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


"We'll do everything possible to not only provide you with quality health care, but also to involve you in decisions about your health, and participate with you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the future.

For your part, we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism you might have. Hopefully, through a cooperative effort, we can provide excellent health care for healthier, happier lives."



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Community Health Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Community Health Departments aims to provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to American Indians within our community through the use of well-trained representatives.


Siletz Office:
Community Health Advocate
Amy Garrett
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380
(541) 444-9652
1 800-648-0449 Ext 1652
Community Health Advocate
Hannah Glaser
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380
(541) 444-9613
1 800-648-0449 Ext 1613

Eugene Area Office:
Adrienne Crooks, CHA-II
2468 W. 11th
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 484-4234
(541) 484-4583 (fax)


Portland Area Office:
Verdene McGuire, CHA 
12790 SE Stark Street, Suite 102
Portland, OR 97233
(503) 238-1512
(503) 238-2436 (fax)


Salem Area Office:
Cecilia Tolentino, CHA
3160 Blossom Drive NE, Suite 105
Salem, OR 97305
(503) 390-9494
(503) 390-8099 (fax)


Our Programs:
We provide confidential and compassionate health services. We are here to assist Siletz Tribal members make healthier decisions to improve their quality of life. All services are free and available to enrolled Siletz Tribal Members and their legal dependents. Please call your area community health advocate with any questions.

We provide transportation to and from medically-related appointments as a last resort for patients lacking transportation. In order to determine eligibility for transport services, a tribal member must fill out the Transportation Request Form at least 48 hours in advance.

Home Visits:
For our tribal members in need of close follow-up after hospitalization, care at our clinic, or others needing health assistance we can arrange for a house visit. Please call to schedule for yourself or another member who may need a home visit.

Elder's Safety home Visit:
For these home visits, we can assess safety of such things as carpets and rugs, hand rails for stairs, toilet and bath areas, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. We will come to the house and do a complete assessment of the physical safety of the home and make recommendations, prescribe and/or supply needed safety items.

Elder's Medication Safety Home Visit:
We will come to the home and assess all medication the member is taking including all over the counter, herbal and prescription medications given from our practitioners, specialists or other practitioners. We can help sort through medicine cabinets, check dates of expiration and help track compliance with medications and refills as well as consult pharmacy regarding possible medication interactions or side effects.

Health Screenings and Immunizations:
Throughout the year we focus on different types of screenings such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, and osteoporosis. Health screening dates are presented in the Siletz and area newsletters as well as on-line in the calendar of events. We hold annual Pap-athons aimed at female gynecological and cancer screening care. We also hold annual Men's Night Out events aimed at prevention and screening of male community members. We hold screening events in Siletz and at the are offices with the goal of detecting abnormalities early and trying to prevent serious complications from chronic diseases. We give annual flu shots in Siletz and at the area offices, generally during the fall months.

Child Safety Car Seats:
The Community Health Department distributes child safety seats to legal dependents of Siletz tribal members residing within the tribal service area. We distribute infant/child seats for kids under 30 pounds or to women in their third trimester. For children over 30 pounds we will distribute a toddler seat. Each tribal dependent qualifies for 1 of each of these seats with the exception of compromise of the seat due to car accident or damage. We have at least 2 car seat clinics throughout the year that are posted on the calendar and in the Siletz and area newsletters and we additionally hold clinics at the area offices.

Children's Bicycle Helmet Distribution Program:
Tribal members between the age of 3-17 years are eligible to receive bicycle and skateboard helmets. Youths are encouraged to take care of their helmets and to return for a new one every other year or earlier if they need a bigger size or their helmet is damaged due to hitting the ground. We have numerous bike rodeos during the year at all offices to teach kids the rules of the road and to distribute helmets. The events are posted on the calendar and in the Siletz and area newsletters.

Over the Counter Medication (OTC) Distribution Plan:
All over the counter medications are distributed based on our current stock and are not intended for chronic use, but rather are a service provided to alleviate immediate symptoms. Enrolled members may request OTC medications for themselves and/or their legal dependents. Members are generally limited to 12 items per year. Head lice treatments will be done by a CHA or at a nurse visit. Generic medications included with the OTC program are: Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprophen, Chlor-Trimeton, Benadryl, Pedia Care Cough-Cold, Robitussin DM, Maalox, Nix, Analgesic Balm, Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, Pedialyte, children's and adult's vitamins.

Medical Program Assistance:
Our CHA's can help you with
• Completing your Oregon Health Plan Applications
• Working with Contract health Services and Gate-keeping
• Working with medical providers and other health agencies
• Getting medical equipment and supplies
• Getting needed prescription and over the counter medicines
• Finding CPR and First Aid classes in the area
• Health education on making better lifestyle choices such as smoking cessation

Maternal-Child Health Services:
We provide support to pregnant and parenting families and can arrange for breast pump distribution and education for pregnant women or for families with newborns.

Nutrition and Exercise:
We work with the diabetes program on general topics of nutrition and exercise including the scheduled exercise events and diabetic educational support group meetings offered through out the year. Please see the Health and Wellness web page for more details.

Emergency Preparedness:
We are involved in a variety of Emergency Preparedness events and conferences. We coordinate with city, county and state wide efforts to provide needed supplies and services in case of natural disaster or unplanned general emergencies.

Traditional Foods:
We recently earned a grant aimed at re-incorporating and promoting the wide-spread use of traditional fruits, vegetables and meats in our communities. We have plans for community gardens overseen by a Master Gardner that give the community a chance to plant and cultivate vegetation indigenous to the lands and the ancestral people of the lands. The hope of the project is to help provide healthy alternative foods that promote general health and wellness.


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