Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
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The Siletz Tribal Health Care Program is the delivery of comprehensive health care to the Siletz Indian People and their dependants residing within the eleven county service area of Western Oregon. Services are provided through a combination of direct care, contracts and referral to appropriate agencies.

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Contact Information

200 Gwee-Shut Rd.
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380

(800) 648-0449
(541) 444-1030
(541) 444-444-9678 Health Administration Fax for "non-patient information only"

Medical Records Fax: (541) 444-9695


Marci Muschamp, Health Director  

Ralene Butler, Admin/QI Coordinator
Ruby Moon, Community Health Director 

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Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


"We'll do everything possible to not only provide you with quality health care, but also to involve you in decisions about your health, and participate with you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the future.

For your part, we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism you might have. Hopefully, through a cooperative effort, we can provide excellent health care for healthier, happier lives."



Community Health


Assistance with Medical Care...We can help you:

  1. Complete Oregon Health Plan applications.
  2. Work with contract Health Services and Gatekeepers.
  3. Work with medical providers and other health agencies.
  4. Find local doctors.
  5. Get last resort medical and dental transportation.
  6. Get needed medical equipment and supplies.
  7. Get needed prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Health Education and Safety...We offer a range of services for you:

  1. Free local CPR and First Aid classes.
  2. Child safety seat education and distribution.
  3. Bike helmet safety education and distribution.
  4. Elders home safety.
  5. Health education on making better lifestyle choices such as smoking cessation.

Diabetes Prevention and Support...We offer a variety of services:

  1. Diabetes screenings and assistance obtaining diabetes supplies.
  2. Diabetes support groups.
  3. Exercise programs.
  4. Nutrition education and ideas for healthy cooking.

Home Visits to Serve your Needs...We can arrange home visits for:

  1. Elders needs.
  2. Parents-to-be and new parents
  3. Breastfeeding support
  4. People with special needs

We also coordinate other Health Events and Activities, including:

  1. Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings.
  2. Flu and pneumonia shot clinics.
  3. Youth activities.
  4. Special exercise events including group walks.
  5. Cancer screening events.


Eugene Area Office : Adrienne Crookes
Phone: (541) 484-4234

Salem Area Office :  Cecilia Tolentino
Phone: (503) 390-9494

Portland Area Office :  Verdene McGuire
Phone: (503) 238-1512

Community Health Advocate :  Hannah Glaser
Phone: (541) 444-9613

Community Health Director:  Ruby Moon

Community Health Advocate :  Amy Garrett
Phone: (541) 444-9652

Tobacco Prevention & Education Coordinator (TPEP): Cory Strong
Phone: (541) 444-9682