Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
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The Siletz Tribal Health Care Program is the delivery of comprehensive health care to the Siletz Indian People and their dependants residing within the eleven county service area of Western Oregon. Services are provided through a combination of direct care, contracts and referral to appropriate agencies.

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Contact Information

200 Gwee-Shut Rd.
PO Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380

(800) 648-0449
(541) 444-1030
(541) 444-444-9678 Health Administration Fax for "non-patient information only"

Medical Records Fax: (541) 444-9695


Marci Muschamp, Health Director  

Ralene Butler, Admin/QI Coordinator
Ruby Moon, Community Health Director 

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

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Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


"We'll do everything possible to not only provide you with quality health care, but also to involve you in decisions about your health, and participate with you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the future.

For your part, we welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism you might have. Hopefully, through a cooperative effort, we can provide excellent health care for healthier, happier lives."



Dental Clinic Services »

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Dental Clinic Services

"It is our belief that the current state of the art of dentistry makes it possible for almost all people to retain their natural teeth throughout their entire life. This is a practical objective that can be achieved through a combination of patient education in measures of prevention of dental disease, and timely, high quality service on the part of the dental practitioner and staff."



Dental Director:
Jeremy Vistica, DMD


Gordon Stanger, DDS


Dental Hygienist:
Teresa Carpenter, RDH-EP
Alison Noble, RDH-EP 


Dental Office Manager:


Dental Assistants:
Misty Reed, CDA/EFDA
Bobbi Foley, CDA/EFDA
Amy Long, EFDA 
Patient Care Coordinator
Wendi Schamp 


Dental Services are currently available for Native American and their dependent children up to age 18:

  1. CHS eligible Siletz Tribal Members
  2. Other documented Native Americans (Direct services only)

Specialty referrals (including Orthodontics and Oral Surgery) must meet specific criteria. See Contract Health Services for more information.

ALL scheduling of appointments must go through the Reception Staff.

This facility will be available for the treatment of the true dental emergency, i.e., traumatic damage to the oral cavity, discomfort that cannot be controlled by non-prescription analgesics, or acute infections. True emergencies will be seen promptly during the designated emergency visit times, which are available every day. After hours coverage will be provided by Gatekeeper referral to Pacific Communities Hospital emergency room and by emergency telephone consultation.

Patients not in immediate pain, patients who are habitual emergency patients or patients with qualifications as to the time, length, or nature of treatment are not true emergencies and will be seen at the discretion of the dental staff.

The aim of emergency treatment will be TO ALLEVIATE PAIN ONLY. All emergency patients will be urged to seek complete treatment after the acute situation has been resolved.

Emergency Hours Are: 
M-TH:  8:15 - 8:45
Fri:  9:00 - 9:30
M-Fri:  1:30 - 2:00 

The current fee schedule and pre-authorization forms are maintained by the Patient Account Department. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT UNTIL FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE.