Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
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Social Services

The Social Services Department, Programs I, is made up of six Programs that relate to Human Services.

Each Program has lead staff and support staff that have Federal and Tribal regulations to follow.



Anita Bailor, Programs 1 Manager,  541-444-8220

Raina Johnston, Programs 1 Assistant,  541-444-8261

Social Services

Siletz Home Visiting Program »

Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians

Tribal Maternal, Infant, & Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

Naytlh - 'a     "We Carry the Children"


Our home visiting program provides parenting and life skills for successful and positive parenting. We serve native families that are either expecting or have infants under the age of twelve months, continuing through the child's third birthday. We travel throughout the 11 county areas of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. The Model and Curriculum we provide is called Family Spirit and was developed by the John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. We are funded by the Tribal Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (TMIECHV).

Family Spirit is Evidence based and culturally sensitive to native families. Parents gain knowledge and skills for their developing infant through 36 months of age. We also focus on goals and healthy living for parents as a support system for the family as a whole. The program consists of 63 lessons over a 39 month period and is divided into six modules. The modules are broken into these categories: Prenatal care (9 lessons), infant care (16 lessons), your growing child (11 lessons), toddler care (9 lessons), my family and me (6 lessons), and healthy living (12 lessons). While this may seem like a big commitment the lessons vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and some can be combined together as we work with your schedule. Family Spirit suggests we deliver at least 32 lessons to our families in order for families to benefit from the evidence based curriculum. For the full benefits of the program we would like to provide all 63 to our families. As a thank you for participating in our program we offer some incentives which we will be happy to share with you upon enrolled in our program. 

During your participation if you feel like the timeline is too often we can adjust the home visits to accommodate your schedule while still keeping the programs timeline in mind. We are a voluntary program that delivers home visits in the comfort of the homes of our families. If you would like to get more information and or meet our home visiting staff, we would love to schedule a home visit to give you a full overview of the program.

Contact Information

201 SE Swan Avenue, Siletz, Oregon (covering Siletz and the coastal range)
Danelle Smith, Home Visitor: (541)-444-9603 or (541) 270-1027

2468 11th Ave., Eugene, Oregon (covering the Willamette Valley area)
Jessica Phillips, Program Director, Home Visitor: (541) 484-4234 or (541) 222-9503201

3160 Blossom Drive NE Ste. 105, Salem, Oregon (Covering Salem, Portland, and surrounding area)

Lori Christy, Home Visitor: (503) 390-9494 or (541) 272-2241



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