Beginning March 17th, until further notice, services will be provided via telephone, email and mail; Offices will be closed to walk-in clients. Read more here.
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Social Services

The Social Services Department, Programs I, is made up of six Programs that relate to Human Services.

Each Program has lead staff and support staff that have Federal and Tribal regulations to follow.


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Anita Bailor, Programs 1 Manager,  541-444-8220

Raina Johnston, Programs 1 Assistant,  541-444-8261

Social Services

Purpose of the Elders Council is...
To enrich the lives of the Tribal Elders, to provide social interaction and activities that enhance culture and traditions and to become mentors for our Tribal Youth.

Elders Council COVID Update

Elders, are you missing your time together at the monthly Elders Council Meetings?  You’re invited to participate in the virtual Elders Council Meeting, July 11, 2020 at 1:00 pm.

If you are interested in participating from your computer, smart phone, or by calling in, please contact one of the following staff with your name, email address and phone number:
                Brian Crump                      541-444-8233, email
                AJ Warren                        541-444-8212, email
                Raina Johnston                  541-444-8261, email
                Anita Bailor                       541-444-8220, email

Don’t have email or access to a computer?  No worries, just call us and we’ll tell you how to connect by phone.



  • Shirley Walker, Chairman
  • Jolyne Downey, Vice-Chairman
  • Elena Cordts, Secretary
  • Cookie Fernandez, Treasurer
  • Shelley Upchurch, Treasurer

The Elders Council is for ALL TRIBAL MEMBERS age 55 and over. At the monthly meeting, elected officers are there to organize, represent and advocate for the Elders as a whole. These monthly meetings are typically held the second Saturday of each month, except during the months of April, August, and September due to other events that are occurring. Check the Elders Calendar in the Newsletter for current dates.


The sign up sheets for trips and activities are available at the monthly Elders meetings and then those unable to attend the meeting can call the office the next business day after the meeting to sign up. On the trips the Elders take as a group, the Elders Council (different than TRIBAL COUNCIL) budget pays the cost of lodging, provides a per diem for meals and can provide transportation from each of the four areas as space permits. Spouses and caregivers are welcomed to attend these events, but you must write their name down at the time of sign up to arrange for the proper lodging and transport if needed.


If you need transportation please call your area representatives

Portland Area Reps

Kathleen Steele 503-760-4746
Angelina Artiago 503-760-3899

Salem Area Rep

Donna Kessinger 503-393-5855

Siletz Area Rep

Sheryl Simmons 541-270-4727

Eugene Area Rep

Jim Swanson 541-683-8766 


Rules of Procedure