Beginning March 17th, until further notice, services will be provided via telephone, email and mail; Offices will be closed to walk-in clients. Read more here.
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News & Events

Find out what's currently happening with the Siletz Tribe in the News & Events section:

  • The events calendar lists upcoming events, meetings and deadlines. Find out the date for the next Tribal Council meeting, the next trip the elders are taking, and when that committee you're interested in is getting together.
  • Can't remember just where you saw that article about someone you knew in high school? Check out previous issues of Siletz News, the tribe's monthly newspaper.
  • Current events is where you can get a quick look at what's taking place with the tribe, such as photos from a recent event or details on one that's coming up.
  • Check out the special youth calendar, where activities just for kids are listed.