Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
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Brenda Bremner

(541) 444-2532 x1204
Bonnie Petersen
Assistant GM

(541) 444-2532 x1210
Sharon Edenfield
Admin. Manager

(541) 444-2532 x1202
Mike Kennedy
Nat. Res. Manager

(541) 444-2532 x1232
Bev Youngman
Prog. II Manager
(Education Svcs.)

(541) 444-2532 x1290

Anita Bailor
Prog. I Manager
(Social/Employment Svcs.)

(541) 444-2532 x1220

Jenifier Leake
HR Manager

(541) 444-2532 x1240
Arthur Fisher
Legal Department 
(541) 444-2532 x1324
Marci Muschamp
Health Director
(541) 444-2532 x1355
Sami Jo Difuntorum
Housing Exec. Director

(541) 444-2532 x1312
Daniel McCue 
Finance Officer

(541) 444-2532 x1229
Pamela Barlow-Lind
Tribal Planner

(541) 444-2532 x1361
Randy Wilson

(541) 444-2532 x1382

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