Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
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Court & Justice

Siletz Tribal Court
PO Box 549
Siletz OR 97380

(800) 922-1399 ext. 1228 or 1218
(541) 444-8228
(541) 444-8270 Fax

Tribal Court Mission Statement
To protect the rights of the Tribe and its members; to enforce obligations and law while maintaining the sovereignty of the Siletz Tribe as an Indian Nation.

The Siletz Tribal Court is comprised of one Chief Judge, two Appellate Judges, one District Court Judge, one Gaming Court Judge, one Community Court Judge, one full-time Court Administrator and one half-time Deputy Court Administrator. Tribal Council appoints Judges to the Tribal Court and this branch of Government. This authority includes, but is not limited to, the power to review and overturn Tribal legislative and executive actions for violations of this Constitution or of the Federal Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968. Currently included are limited judicial services for family, juvenile, employment, gaming, torts, and other matters that fall within the current tribal ordinances.


Court & Justice

Tribal Spokesperson

Spokesperson Code of Professional Responsibility

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Tribal Spokespersons

Following is a list of spokespersons that are current members of the Siletz Tribal Court Bar.
Please note that any fees charged are between spokesperson and client; Tribal Court has nothing to do with any fee agreement.

Tribal Members

To reach any of the spokespersons listed below, please contact Tribal Court (541) 444-8228 or (800) 922-1399 ext. 1228 or 1218

Leave your name, reason for requesting a spokesperson, your phone number and mailing address

  • Blacketer, Ray, non-attorney
  • Ellis, Kelley, non-attorney
  • Jackson, Vanessa, non-attorney J. D. Candidate, May 2022, University of Oregon School of Law, PH: 808-954-5418
  • Opperud, Debbie (Lifefeather), non-attorney Public Number: 541-270-9431

Non-Tribal Members

Henkels, Diane M., Attorney
A1: 420 SW Washington St.,Ste. 400, Portland, OR 97204
A2: POB 1023 Newport, OR 97365
Ph: (541)270-6001

Diaz, Richard, Attorney
Macpherson, Gintner, & Diaz
PO Box 1270, Newport, OR 97365
Ph: (541) 265-8881

Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)
P.O. Box 1970
Newport, OR 97365
Ph: 1-800-222-3884
Ph: (541) 265-5305
Fax: (206) 284-5047

Loren W. Collins
Stebbins Coffey & Collins
Attorneys at Law
PO Box 1006 North Bend OR 97459
PH: (541) 756-2066
Fax: (541)756-2060

Joshua D. Zantello, Esq.
Andrews Ersoff & Zantello
Attorneys at Law
2015 NW 39th St. Suite 100
Lincoln City, OR. 97367
Ph: (541) 994-7350
Fax: (541) 994-7836

Daniel Hasson, Attorney at Law
200 SW Market St. Suite 1800
Portland, OR. 97201
Ph: (503) 222-4422
Fax: (503) 222-4428

Tribal Court Peacemakers

Following is a current list of Peacemakers that have been certified by Tribal Council. For Peacemaker Rules, please refer to the Peacemaker Ordinance.

Appointed in May 2004

  • Brown, Lisa E
  • Higgins, Helen
  • Siniscal, George