Enrollment Clerk: Angela Ramirez & Darin Rilatos 
Phone: (541) 444-8258 or (800) 922-1399 x1258
Fax: (541) 444-8296

Email: angelar@ctsi.nsn.us darinr@ctsi.nsn.us

It is important to keep your contact information with Enrollment as Tribal Programs & Departments depend on the information on file with Enrollment Department to be able reach you by mail or phone.

The Enrollment Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Siletz Tribal Membership Roll.  Part of that responsibility is maintaining the contact and statistical information for tribal members on behalf of the Siletz Tribal Administration.

Records & Certifications issued to tribal members by the Enrollment Department include:

  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB);
  • Tribal Identification Cards;
  • Tribal Family Tree;
  • Certification of tribal membership for BIA/IHS employment, eagle feathers, and educational scholarships.

NOTE: The Enrollment Department must comply with the Public Records Ordinance for the release of records from individual Enrollment files and Department records.  Please complete an "Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Enrollment information" to request information that is not listed above that would be in your individual enrollment file.     

Death Benefit & Insurance:

  • The Siletz Tribe has a death benefit and insurance for ALL tribal members, adults and children.  In the event of a Siletz tribal member passing, please contact the Enrollment Department for the current information regarding this benefit.
  • There is a brochure available regarding this benefit.
  • When did you last update the Designation death Benefit Beneficiary?  This information is on file with Enrollment and can be updated as often as needed.  

The Enrollment Department processes the following applications and requests for action by Tribal Council:

 Application/Request Process and the Enrollment Committee:

The Enrollment Committee is appointed by the Tribal Council through the Standing Committee application process.  For details on the duties and powers of the Enrollment Committee, see the Enrollment Ordinance.

Before any actions are taken by Tribal Council the Enrollment Clerk reviews the application/request for a determination of whether or not the application/request is complete.  The application/request is then forwarded to the Enrollment Committee.  On a quarterly basis the Enrollment Committee reviews applications & requests to make a recommendation to Tribal Council.  Their recommendation is posted in the area offices, Tribal Administration Building and on the Tribal web site prior to action by Tribal Council.  Tribal Council will then take action on the applications and requests at their next regular tribal council meeting following the close of the posting period. 

Enrollment Committee Meetings are held at 3:30 PM in the Administration II Building (Old Clinic) in room 132.  The upcoming dates for the remainder of 2015 are as follows:

  • August 12th (Review Post #290 for Tribal Council action 9/18/2015)
  • September 9th
  • October 14th (Review Post#291 for Tribal Council action 11/20/2015)
  • November 17th
  • No meeting in December scheduled at this time.

Quarterly Deadlines:

Since January 2010, actions for enrollment have been and continue to be completed on a quarterly basis.  Applications and requests can be submitted at any time.  However, action by staff, the Enrollment Committee and Tribal Council will occur depending when the application or request is considered complete.

Upcoming 2015 deadlines

  • 4th Quarter:9/18/2015
2016 deadlines
  • 1st  Quarter: 1/15/2016
  • 2nd Quarter: 4/1/2016
  • 3rd Quarter: 7/15/2015
  • 4th Quarter:9/16/2016

Enrollment Public Notices & Publications

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NOTE: ALL ORIGINALS OF ENROLLMENT FORMS AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION must be submitted to a Siletz Tribal Office in person or via mail to the Enrollment Department.  An Application for Enrollment form & documentation will not be accepted via scan/email or fax.  An Address & Contact Information Update form can be faxed to get the phone or address updated quickly then mail in the original to the Enrollment Department.