Beginning March 17th, until further notice, services will be provided via telephone, email and mail; Offices will be closed to walk-in clients. Read more here.
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians          COVID & Wildfire Updates & Resources   

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, to keep our membership safe, the November 7, 2020 Siletz General Council meeting will be a video presentation by the Tribal Chairman. The video presentation will be available to review November 7-12, 2020 on the Tribal Website, under the Member Only Area. 
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Tribal Ordinances

Administrative Procedures Ordinance 09-16-05
Budget Procedures Ordinance 09-16-05
Civil Offense Ordinance 07-19-13
Close Social & Economic Ties Ordinance 09-16-05
Codification Ordinance 10-16-15
Community Law Court Table of Contents 09-16-05
Community Law Court 09-16-05
Constitution 04-17-09
Corporations Ordinance 11-12-10
Criminal Code Offenses & Punishment 09-16-05
Cultural Resource Lands and Sacred Sites Ordinance 09-16-05
Dissolution of Marriage Ordinance 05-15-15
Distribution of Net Revenues Ordinance 06-19-09
Domestic & Family Violence Ordinance 9-16-05
Election Ordinance 5-24-13
Enrollment Ordinance Effective 04-11-20
Forest Management Ordinance 09-16-05
Gaming Charter 07-16-10
Gaming Ordinance 05-20-16
Garnishment Ordinance 07-19-13

General Welfare Ordinance 11-16-17  

Geographic Areas of Tribal Interest 09-16-05
Housing Improvement Program 09-16-05
Housing Ordinance 09-16-05 
Hunting Fishing & Gathering Ordinance 12-17-17
Internal Audit Department 10-16-15
Juvenile Code 09-14-17
Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity 12-20-19 
Liquor Ordinance 09-16-05
Marriage Ordinance 05-15-15
Mortgage Financing Ordinance 09-16-05
Name Change Ordinance 10-20-17
Parental Responsibility 09-16-05
Personnel Manual 07-17-2020 
Public Records Ordinance 12-08-11
Research Ordinance 09-16-05
Right to Work Ordinance 07-24-08 
Rules of Criminal Procedure 09-16-05
Siletz Tribal Athletic Commission 09-18-09
Siletz Workers Compensation Claims Ordinance  06-20-2013
Standing Committee Ordinance 06-12-09
STBC Charter 12-18-15
Timber Use Permits 04-14-06
Tobacco Ordinance 09-16-05
Torts & Indian Civil Rights Act 04-15-11
Transient Lodging Tax Ordinance 07-27-12 
Tribal Council Ethics Ordinance 09-09-09
Tribal Council Rules of Procedure 11-20-09
Tribal Court Rules and Procedures 04-17-15
Tribal Member Distribution Ordinance 12-20-19
Tribal Plan of Operations 03-15-19