The Counting of Ballots and Announcement of Results will be live-streamed on our Facebook.

2023 Community Meetings start this month. More information is available here.

The Feb. 4th General Council Meeting will be in-person and live-streamed.

2023 Community Meetings

All meetings are available via Zoom by clicking the link below.


Salem Area Agenda – January 26th, 2023

General Schedule for Evening

5:30 PM – ZOOM Log In and Community Poll: Let’s try it!

5:35 PM – Welcome & Prayer; TBD

-Request for Agenda Items for Community Discussion

5:45 PM – Agenda: – Staff Updates:

– Housing: Rob Smith, Cova Metcalf

– Affordable Connectivity, Lisa Norton

– Clinic: New Director, Updates

– Education: Nick Viles, Language & Culture; DeAnn Brown, Headstart; Sonja Moody-Jurado, Education Services

– Transportation & Transit: Planning & Civil Rights Notice

6:30 PM – Community Discussion (We can run long if there is a topic to discuss!)

7:00 PM – End of meeting

Next Meetings

Eugene Area Meeting – Feb. 9
Siletz Area Meeting – Feb. 23
Portland Area Meeting – March 9
Out-of-Area (via Zoom) – March 23

For more information, contact Pam Lind at the Planning Department at (541) 444-83611; for the Planning Clerk Danise Barker, (541) 444-8257; or, for the Data Coordinator, Terry Altemus, (541) 444- 8271. Kat Hudson, Tribal Webmaster assisting.

PowerPoints and Reference Items