Candidate List & Statements

Candidate Statements

Dear Tribal Members:

My name is Bonnie Petersen and I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Tribal Council election.  My tribal lineage comes from my mother and includes the following tribes/bands:  Macanoton, Sixes, Tututonne, Yurok, Shasta and Modoc.  My mother was Aurelia Darlene Picard, daughter of Marjorie Lane (Martin) and Henry Picard, and granddaughter of Wilbur Martin and Christine Martin (Selsic) and of Henry Picard and Martha Picard (Payne).

I am a life-long resident of Oregon and have lived in Siletz since 1985.  I attended the University of Oregon, receiving my bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1989.  I have three adult children, Anthony “Fish” Martinez, Arlissa White (Rhoan), and Joseph Petersen, 14 grand-children and one great-grandchild born this September. I have over 25 years of experience working for the tribe in positions of increasing responsibility—from culture/history gatherer, to court clerk, to contract health clerk, to enrollment clerk, education manager, housing manager, programs I manager, and finally assistant general manager, retiring in 2019.   In addition I have served previously on Tribal Council.

On a personal note, I have lived through one of the most difficult eras of our tribal history—Termination to Restoration.  That experience ingrained in me how precious the connection between tribal identity and federal recognition are.  Therefore if you elect me to Tribal Council, I promise to support, foster and protect the purposes identified in our Tribal Constitition. I will strive to:

  • protect our tribal identity, including support membership action to count all Indian blood degree for all tribal members and/or reduce blood quantum requirements to include future generations of tribal members
  • revitalize our culture and spiritual beliefs in ways that are accessible for all the members. While the pandemic has been challenging, one good thing to come out of it are the many expanded cultural/educational activities provided via virtual (Zoom) meeting processes and activity kits sent to members from the Behavioral Health, Education and Elders programs.  I support continuing such efforts going forward into the future.
  • create and enhance programs that advance tribal members and their families—mind, body, spirit, education and economic well-being. I especially support the work of the CARE program (sexual assault & domestic violence),  the A&D and MAT programs (substance abuse prevention and recovery), Traditional Foods, Housing (affordable rentals and rental vouchers), Home Visiting (strengthen parental knowledge to raise infants and toddlers) and the 477 Self-Sufficiency program (general assistance to individuals and families). Creating a comprehensive tribal offender reentry program has been a long-term goal for me and I was glad to see that the Tribe has created a position dedicated to this effort and hope to see this grow into a full program.  The Tribe has many good programs but I call these out because you need to be “well” in order to make full use of services such as job training, higher education, vocational training, and home ownership.
  • increase services to tribal members living outside the 11-county service area.  According to the latest enrollment report they make up 41% of the membership.

I believe in keeping tribal members informed about issues which affect them.  At several of the last Candidates Fair one of the questions that has been asked again and again and again is whether or not Tribal Council candidates support streaming Tribal Council meetings so that members can access them wherever they live.  And every Candidate agrees that this should happen but it never has.  I will push for making this the standard going forward for streaming regular Tribal Council meetings.  I believe this will make Tribal Council more accountable to the membership.

Candidates statements have a 750 word limit so I will conclude here with the hope that you can support my candidacy based on the information provided in this statement.  If you have questions for me on these and other issues, feel free to contact me by email at or by cell at 541-351-0134.  In closing, please register to vote and cast your ballot in this election.  I appreciate your support as a candidate for Tribal Council.


Bonnie Petersen

Ch’ee-la Xwii-t’i,

Greetings everyone, my name is Alfred “Bud” Lane III, Roll #1188 and I am seeking a seat in the upcoming Tribal Council election. I have had the honor of serving on many Councils over the years. As always, there are many challenges before us. Siletz people have always risen to meet those challenges and find solutions.  I would like to continue to work toward achieving our goals and resolving issues on behalf of the Tribal membership.

Our Tribal Government continues to move forward with the Salem Casino Project. There is an array of requirements and assessments that we are working to meet and satisfy. It is a long and sometimes frustrating process, but I believe we will prevail.

Over the years, it has been my pleasure to work with staff who have worked diligently for the membership.  The many services the Tribal Government provides would not be possible without their continued hard work and dedication.

The Tribal Council is currently in the process of dismantling the Consent Decree which has severely limited our Hunting and Fishing rights since 1980. The process is a complex endeavor, but I believe it is an endeavor that we will be successful in.  I would very much like to continue to be part of the negotiating team that rights this historic wrong and puts an end to this decree.

There are always many issues to address and work to do.  I would like to continue to serve on the Tribal Council to work on achieving our goals and finding solutions for the challenges we face. I have the time and energy to do the work. Over the years I have met and worked with many different State, Local, Federal and Tribal representatives and officials. If I am reelected, I will continue to meet and work with them to further our people’s goals.

Our leadership works constantly to see that our treaties are honored, our rights as Siletz Indians remain intact and our sovereignty is protected. With the many issues confronting us these days it all can seem a bit overwhelming. The knowledge that our Ancestors have passed down to us about how to care for the land, waters and living beings can help guide us through these times and meet those challenges. They understood how to live in the balance, and we would be wise to pay heed to their example.

In closing, I am grateful and humbled in being elected to serve the Tribe over the years. If I am reelected, I will continue to seek common ground with others and work toward solutions to issues. I respectfully ask for your vote and support in the upcoming election.

Shu’ ‘aa-shi nin-la,
Thank you,

Alfred “Bud” Lane III

Hello, my fellow Tribal Members,

My name is Charles Ben, I’m the son of Raymond and Pamela Ben, and grandson of Archie Ben and Victoria (Butler) Ben. My parents and grandparents have taught me to be humble, be thankful for what you have and work hard to achieve your goals.

I have worked in the gaming industry for 22 years, first starting at our casino in 1999. Currently I’m employed for the Siletz Tribal Gaming Commission as a Compliance Agent, where I have spent the last 14 years. Duties include the promulgation, development and enforcement of controls that govern gaming for our tribe, supervision of compliance staff, approval of P&P’s and promotions, compliance representative for the commission for gaming manufacturers, National Indian Gaming Commission and Oregon State Police Tribal Gaming Section. I believe my regulatory experience would greatly benefit the Tribal Council and Tribal Membership.

I’m a firm believer that as a supervisor/manager you should know every position that reports to you and be able to fill in that position if needed at any moment.

There are three areas I believe we need to continue to ensure embracement and support as a Tribe:

  • Youth, they are important to our survival as a people. We need to ensure our youth are taught to embrace change and never give up on their dreams. If we show them the importance of helping and assisting their tribe, we will ensure that our tribe continues to have solid leadership in the future.
  • Economic development, we need to continue the purchase of developed and undeveloped land so that we may strive for self-efficiency.
  • Continued support for our elders to ensure they have a safe environment around them.

Although, I would be only one vote of nine, I will strive to ensure that we continue to ensure our membership’s needs are being taken care of. This includes continuing to expand assistance outside of the 11-county service area.

If you have a moment, please visit my website at, there you will find a questionnaire that you are welcome to fill out. This questionnaire will assist in knowing where each tribal member’s needs are or where they would like to see improvement.

Please feel free to contact me at

Be a warrior, let your voices be heard, get out and vote.

Charles Ben

My name is Cynthia Farlow #58 of CTSI. I announced my Tribal Council candidacy at our General Council Meeting on November 6th.

I have been encouraged by tribal members and tribal co-workers at Chinook Winds Casino Resort (CWCR) and Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians (CTSI) to run for Tribal Council 2022 for the following reasons:

My first and foremost interest is the matter of tribal descendancy.  Currently, by vote of the General Council, our Tribe has elected to enroll members who can prove at least 1/16 Blood Quantum (BQ).  I would like to see this lowered to 1/32 BQ or in the alternative provide Descendancy I.D. cards by general council vote.

The Siletz Elders Program is in dire need of staff transparency and accountability. There is a severe lack of communication in serving our reservation Elders and those underserved Elders living out of area.  Rather than focus on the ongoing problems, I would like to focus on the solutions to resolve the issues.

Tribal member employment is a hot-topic and since I too have worked along-side of tribal members in Siletz Tribal Business Corporation (STBC), CWCR and CTSI, I am well-aware of the challenges we face.  Our Key Tribal positions go vacant while we have talented, educated tribal members who want to fill those positions.  I would like to see Succession planning for these key positions.

As a way of expanding economic development funds for the direct benefit of our members we will need to expand funding of Siletz Tribal Revolving Credit Program (STRCP) for housing loans, and for larger home repairs by creating our Tribal owned Community Development Financial Institution. We need our own tribal funded community bank or credit union.

I am asking for your vote in the upcoming elections.  If you want to get to know me better, you can send me a friend request on Facebook or email me at  I will be more than happy to discuss viewpoints that benefit our people.

Voting in our Tribal elections is the only direct way we can express our personal viewpoint.  It is my sincere wish that no matter if you agree with my statement or not, it’s very important, especially now, that you use your vote as your voice.


Cynthia Farlow

Greetings to All:

I have once again declared my candidacy for a tribal council position.

I’ve served several years on the tribal council as your Tribal Chairman.  Our tribe has seen much success over the years because of our great staff and the benefit of all the council working as a team to accomplish projects.

There are major items that will still require much negotiation as the tribe moves forward to be rid of the Consent Decree that was required at the time of Restoration.  It is hoped that by the end of 2022 the decree will no longer exist.

Much work has been done to establish the Salem Casino, negotiations will continue until our tribe is successful, I would very much like to continue working towards success.

Consultations with the State and the Federal Government require a lot of time and energy as well as attending numerous tribal events representing our tribe.  I am very capable and willing to continue to represent you.

I have enjoyed working with our staff, tribal council and tribal members.  I ask for your support in the coming election and for the next three years.

Delores Pigsley - Roll #728

Greetings Tribal Members,

My name is Lillie Butler and I am a candidate for the Tribal Council. My father was John Logan (Siletz) and my mother was Eleanor Roberts Logan (Yurok). I have had the honor of being on the Tribal Council for several years and it would be an honor to continue in the position.

Through the years, planning for the Siletz Tribe’s growth has been important in every aspect of operations. When the tribe was restored, health, housing and education were the top priorities. In March 2020, the health of our membership was jeopardized with COVID-19. The health clinic, tribal staff, and tribal council immediately set up policies and procedures for operations and services to the membership. Staff was in contact with the membership, assisted with their needs, and was available on a nearly daily basis. Staff took on extra duties besides their own day to day work, to make a safe community. It was heartening to see all aspects of the tribe work together, during this crisis, to assist the membership as much as possible.

Housing is an ongoing need. The tribal council and staff are continuing to work for additional housing. The planning department had community meetings, and in these meetings discussion focused on housing outside the Siletz area. Just recently, a housing development was built and another housing unit is almost complete in the Portland area. These units were built in partnership with other entities. Planning is in process for additional housing outside the Siletz area.

Education has been available since restoration of the tribe. The tribal council developed an education plan that goes from birth to death. The education of our membership begins with Head Start, through high school, and continues on with higher education or vocational training. Many students have successfully utilized these programs. The Education Committee is now in the process of updating the plan. I serve as the tribal council representative to this committee and welcome the opportunity to continue working towards meeting your educational goals.

Another area of growth for the tribe involves technology. With COVID-19, the tribe upgraded its. technology so meetings and everyday business could be conducted virtually or by phone. The tribe offered laptops and IPads to tribal households so everyone could meet the challenges posed by COVID-19. Now, the following is possible:

  • The Elders are very active with the tribe and meet monthly using Zoom.
  • The youth have their own Facebook page and have ongoing workshops and activities.
  • Culture classes and tribal language classes are being taught using Zoom.

Land procurement is another area of growth. The tribe lost its reservation during termination but during restoration 3,000 plus acres was restored. Since then, the land base is increasing with purchase by the tribe or donation. The tribe continues to work on procurement of land for homes, economic development, and conservation.

Finally, the tribe continues to work with the State and Federal government on legislative issues such as the hunting and fishing decree and working towards a casino in the Salem area.

In closing, lives have been changed these last two years and how we communicate is quite different. The first year of the pandemic our lives were almost in isolation but thank God for technology. Now, we can communicate with family, friends, and tribal members we have not seen in years; and, we can work together to ensure the continuing growth of the tribe. I would appreciate your vote so I can continue working for the tribe as a member of the Siletz Tribal Council.

Warmest Regards,
Lillie Butler
PO Box 26
Siletz, OR 97380

Lillie Butler


My name is Park Nelson IV and I will be seeking a seat on the Tribal Council in the upcoming election. I am the son of Park Nelson III and Willow Nelson, Grandson of Victoria Nelson and Pete Nelson.

I am 32 years old and I have 3 children that are enrolled in our tribe. Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on our tribe and how our tribe is run. Tribal Council has done a fantastic job early on with getting the Vaccines out and to tribal members. Especially our Tribal Elders. Our Tribe instituted several programs to help out those being affected by the pandemic. Tribal Council also started making progress on our second Casino. The work they have done in these areas needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. There are still a few things that I believe should be changed.

There is a lack of transparency between Tribal Council members and Tribal Members. If Elected this would be one of my first efforts. To be available to Tribal Members to discuss everything that is happening. How the money our tribe receives and is earned is spent. A common complaint, especially from Elders is that they feel like they do not receive any responses from Tribal Council Members. If elected, I promise to give everyone a response.

With today’s modern technology there is no reason why any tribal member’s voice should go unheard at any time. Social Media affords us the opportunity to express ideas throughout.

Economically I feel our tribe could use some work on improving its budget. There are aspects to our budget that do not focus enough on our youth. Our children are the future of our tribe and need to be taken care of, educated, and groomed into the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore our tribe’s budget should reflect that direction. Education and Trade Training should be our highest priority. I have used our education program to attend college and I still graduated with student loan debt. While I have been successful in paying it off, it can be a substantial and difficult obstacle to new graduates.

Tribal Elders went through a very hard time this year, and some of them did not receive the help they needed. I will make Tribal Elders a large focus of mine, making sure that they receive the services that they need. The goal of every form of government should be to serve its people, not to propagate a single person’s agenda. That is why I want to join the council, with an open mind and ready to act on behalf of all tribal members.

Park Nelson #2126

My name is Rebekah Goulet and I am a Tribal Member.

I have worked for the Tribe since January 25, 1999.

I believe we need to get back to basics and focus on the original intent that our Tribal Leaders had for our Tribe when we were restored. The Constitution of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon has all the ground work that our Tribe needs to be successful.

There are many changes that need to be made both in leadership and in programs. Access and communication for services and programs are a priority for me. I will be dedicated to work for the entire membership.

If elected I will do my very best to bring accountability for all actions taken by Tribal Council on behalf of the membership and to serve the membership more effectively.

Rebekah Goulet

Fellow Tribal Members;

My name is Tracy Lancaster. I am a Siletz Tribal Member Roll Number 2186. I am 48 years old, I have three sons, all tribal members. I am a homeowner in Siletz, purchasing my home through the Home Of Your Own program.

I most recently worked at the Siletz Clinic as the Patient Benefits Coordinator. I currently hold a seat on the Siletz Housing Committee and the Health Committee. I have served as a member of the Education Committee and of the Child Protection Team.

I would like to further serve my Tribe by becoming an active member of the Siletz Tribal Council.

I am asking for your vote to allow me to do this.

I am a contributing Member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. I was born in Seaside, my grandfather was Kenneth Blacketer Sr. and grandmother Ileanna Simmons. My Mother, Rena Philbrook, made sure that my brother and I understood our culture, our heritage, the significance of our connection to the tribal community and family. Growing up, I spent time in Siletz with my Grandpa and my Aunts and Uncles, engaging myself in my Siletz Tribal community. I relocated to the Siletz area in 1990 so that I could be closer to, and to take care of my Aunt Patty (Patricia), being by her side until her passing in 1995.

I have spent the most of my career in the Health Care field, both as a personal caregiver and as organizational staff. I have owned my own profitable business and most importantly, I have been a successful mother of three gracious and wonderful sons and grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter. I have worked for the Siletz Tribe as Tribal Court Clerk, Optometry Assistant and Patient Benefits Coordinator. Within my duties for the Tribe, I have been able to successfully bridge various connections between the Tribe and numerous State and Federal agencies.

My motivation to be on Tribal Council is based upon one concept…


A successful government is only successful if it’s constituents can see and understand the purpose for the many, sometimes difficult, decisions they must make.

Why do I want to be a member of Tribal Council?

It is my duty, my responsibility, my commitment as a member of the Siletz Tribe.

My motivation and desire to be a Siletz Tribal Council Member is NOT based on any personal agenda.

I am an independent thinker. You that know me, know that I have never just “agreed with the majority”. After spending the time necessary to consider and educate myself on an issue, I form my own opinion. I always do and I always will. I do not base my decisions on what is easiest or what everybody else is doing. I base my decisions on what is best.

Throughout the course of my life I have observed and learned from very special people and experiences.  I have been motivated, affected, and inspired by many including my grandfather, my Aunt Patty, my mother, aunts and uncles, and all tribal acquaintances. I have closely watched and learned from Tribal members and non-members alike, both living and past.

These observations and this learning has led to the development of the principles that make me the person that I am. Principles, that in regards to the Siletz Tribe, make me a very worthy candidate for a position on Tribal Council.

Based on my principles, I share with you some of my thoughts on what will make the Siletz Tribe successful and enduring:

  • No tribal member should be denied access to their government

… as long as they understand difficult decisions must be made to benefit the entire organization

  • No tribal member should be denied access to rights given to them through treaty and law

… as long as they are willing to understand, respect, and maintain those rights

  • No tribal member should be treated unfairly or unequal

… as long as they appreciate and stand strong for justice

  • No tribal member should be denied the opportunity to live a safe, healthy, and productive life

… period!

My decision to seek a seat on the Siletz Tribal Council has come after significant thought and contemplation. It is not a decision to be taken lightly.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at any method below.

Your decision to support me and your vote for me is very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Tracy Lancaster

(541) 272-0105 (Call, Email, & Text)

Tracy Lancaster

Friday, December 3, 2021

My name is Wiley Stokes and I am the son of Patricia Lane, and the grandson of Scott Lane. I have five children ranging from 23 years old to 2-years old. I value family and a strong work ethic. I had spend several years working for Tribe as line-staff and saw first hand how difficult change can be, infrastructurally. I began working for the Tribe in 2015 starting as the coordinator for the Tribal Alcohol and Drug Transitional Living Center (A&D TLC). I now currently serve the greater Lincoln County community as the Outreach Director for Phoenix Wellness Center. Phoenix Wellness Center is a Alcohol and Drug treatment facility I opened with my three business partners, in January 2020.

Prior to My work in the addiction field oh I was a commercial fisherman, a construction supervisor and a student at Lane community college where I initially began my education to work in the alcohol and drug Recovery field. My passion is giving back and serving my community

I believe Tribal Council has accomplished many wonderful things in the last four decades. However I see a need for younger Tribal members, to do their due diligence by running for council and getting involved in Tribal politics. I believe that now is the time for younger generations to step up and run for council while we are still able to learn from experienced Tribal Council Members. Some positive changes I want to make stem from my experience delivering direct services. Much of the population I work with are homeless and in need of assistance. I often see the membership state opinions and beliefs but often they are not shared at larger tribal functions, and therefore little change occurs. The decision to run for Tribal Council is being fueled by my desire to be a positive voice for change.

Wylie J. Stokes