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Candidate List & Statements

The list of candidates and statements will be posted on December 10th, 2020.

Angela Ramirez

Angela Ramirez

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I am completing my first three year term as a Siletz Tribal Council member and am asking for the vote of the membership to continue with a second term. I choose to run for Tribal Council to be of service to people; it is not about me or what I want – I vote for what is best for the Tribe as a whole and what the people push for to happen. This position is not about me, it is for the people.

I am the daughter of Shirley Ben Walker, the Elders Council Chairman and Tribal Whipwoman. I am the granddaughter of the last Honorary Chief of the Tribe, Archie Ben and the granddaughter of Victoria Butler Ben. I am the mother of Ashliegh and Cristian Ramirez as well as being the “bonus mom” to Tyler Tucker.

I have worked in Indian Country for 21 years; 17 years with the Siletz Tribe and three years with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. All of my jobs have been as a line staff member; each job provided direct services, assistance, referrals and information to Tribal members.

I am employed full-time as the Enrollment Officer for the Tribe, currently a department of one person. I do my best to help the Tribal membership with getting the services they need from the Tribe by providing referrals, outreach and information anytime that I can. I believe it is the duty of every employee to do their best each day to work for the people. Working for the Tribe for me is a calling, not just a job. Being a line staff member within the Tribe provides a different perspective to Tribal Council during our discussions. It has been difficult for the last three years to work full-time, use my vacation time to attend conferences for Tribal Council and work 10-20 hours a week for Tribal Council. However, I feel I do a quality job at both and if elected I will maintain my current position.

Assisting Tribal members and being able to be part of moving the Tribe forward is my passion. I cast my vote as one of nine Tribal Council members to do the right thing for the Tribe, which is not always easy. I strive to keep the membership informed of what is available and happening. I am open to hearing from staff and Tribal members to bring their concerns forward for discussion.

Keeping in line with my platform for using social media to reach out to the membership, I launched my re-election campaign online using Facebook and a blog format website, By specifically engaging with Tribal members online I hope to not only increase the number of registered voters but to also increase the participation rate of registered voters from 32.2% in the last Tribal Election to at least 50%. I am sponsoring a raffle on the website, so be sure to go check out for the details.

If given the honor to serve another three year term, I would like to see the following happen:

  • Updated website with continually updated information and Tribal sponsored social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) not only to provide current news but also to engage Tribal members no matter where they live. This has been an ongoing project needed for years and it is close to done; however the delays have continued.
  • For the Siletz Tribal Business Corporation (STBC) to move forward in property management and for the Tribe to acquire more property as it does not lose value.
  • Improvement of employee morale within the Tribe and the Casino. COVID has taken a toll on the employees as well as the membership. Leadership and management need to find ways to support those that make it possible for the Tribe to succeed.
  • Policies and ordinances need to be updated and then followed. Regulations are supposed to be applied equally and anything that is provided to one person needs to be provided to everyone else.

In closing, please know that Tribal elections is where every single vote counts! If you have not voted in a Tribal Election before, be sure to contact the Election Board by calling 800-922-1399 or send an email to to get a Voter Registration card in order to get the Election materials. Email me at or call me at (541) 270-7282 if you have questions for me.

#StaySafe #InThisTogether

~Angela Ramirez

Celesta Lee

Celesta Lee

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I, Celesta Dawn Lee, roll #1342 am declaring my candidacy for the 2021 Tribal Council Election. I’m a mother to Nick and Nathan and a nana to Cooper, Kavin, Lucy, and Karter. I’m the daughter of Naomi McGee (Siletz) & Robert Strickler, granddaughter of Florence Martin/Altree (Siletz) & Wilfred McGee (Grand Ronde), great granddaughter of Christine Selsic/Martin (Siletz) & Wilbur Martin (Yurok), great-great granddaughter of Ellen Martin/Leslie/Peterson (Yurok) & Fred Martin Jr. (Yurok) and the great-great-great granddaughter of Abbie John/Wilson/Butler/Bell/Selsic (Siletz) & Antone Selsic (Siletz) and Madam Billy (Yurok) and Marie Peterson/Joseph (Yurok). Abbie and I share the same birthdate and are exactly 100 years apart in age. Family is a priority in my life.

As a young child, my brother and I lived with the McKnight Family while our mother was ill. While in the 1st and 3 rd grade we went in the foster care system, which was the year our mother passed away from a rare form of cancer. At the age of 11 and 13 we were adopted. During those years we would make it to Siletz for the pow wow and to visit family. It wouldn’t be until 2005 that I found my way back home working for the Tribe.

Currently, I’m employed at CTSI as the Assistant Tribal Council Executive Secretary and I’ve been in this position for 15 years. Working for the Tribe has allowed me to understand how our Government works and it has given me the opportunity to review our minutes, resolutions and ordinances. Every tribal member has this same opportunity. Prior to working for the Siletz Tribe, I managed a golf course on the Oregon Coast for 11 of 13 years.

Currently, I serve on the Enrollment Committee and the Siletz Tribal Arts & Heritage Society Board of Directors. I serve as Chairman for the Enrollment Committee. The Enrollment Committee meets monthly. The Committee reviews applications, name changes, death notices, and blood quantum corrections. The Committee makes recommendations to the Tribal Council who has the final vote on all Enrollment actions. Over the years, I’ve served on many boards and committees.

I believe that a slight change to the Tribal Council would be a benefit to the Tribe. Change brings new ideas. Change is not easy and can be difficult, but every year I hear from tribal members they want a change in leadership. I believe our leadership has a vast knowledge, experience and has done a great job. Leadership is more than presiding over meetings and cutting ribbons. Leadership is about accountability to those that elected you and to those that did not vote for you.

I would love the opportunity to serve on the Tribal Council because I want to assist in maintaining what the Tribe does have and be involved in securing a stronger future for tribal members. One of those ways is economic development. I believe our strongest way is what we currently have, which is the casino and clinic. Due to Covid19, the Tribal Council will need to work even harder and make some tough decisions with budgets.

Prior to working for the Tribe, I didn’t know all the services that were available to tribal members. I believe the Tribe could do a better job of informing tribal members. One way is to utilize the tribal website with a front page of current events, social media and use zoom to live stream meetings.

I would love the chance to talk with as many tribal members as possible. I want to listen to your concerns and visions for the Tribe. I will be having zoom meetings to give tribal members an opportunity to get to know me, my views and to ask questions. When this happens, I will post this on the un-official CTSI Facebook page.

Even if you decide not to cast your vote for me, please make your voice be heard with your VOTE!

Please reach out to me as I’m ready to ready to listen and advocate for every tribal member.

A vote for Celesta is a vote for Change!

I wish every tribal member many blessings.

Celesta Lee

(541) 590-0489

Frank Aspria Sr.

Frank Aspria Sr.

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Good day to you, my name is Frank Aspria and I’m from the DePoe family,
I’m once again asking for your vote to serve on Tribal council. A wise person once stated – the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. If this be true how would we learn from our mistakes then? Or do we? At some point we learn that whatever it is that we are doing isn’t working therefore brings on change. I have always been for first and foremost Siletz Tribal Treaty rights and our right to hunt and fish and gather without the State of Oregon interfering in these inherent rights we each have as Tribal members. With the United States Supreme Court ruling dated July 20, 2020. All treaties with Indian Tribes are the supreme law of the land! And regardless if the boundaries have changed or been terminated the treaties still stand. The states have no jurisdiction unless negotiated with Tribes. And all serious crimes within the original treaties boundaries fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. It was also stated that the U.S. government should be ashamed of the mistreatment of these treaties and ignoring the U.S. Constitution and this court will set precedence on the honoring of these treaties signed in good faith with Tribes. I see our Tribe reinstating the Tribal police with Tribal game wardens to monitor subsistence tags issued by our Tribes wildlife and fish department. If a tribal member is hungry and needs food and/or for ceremonies, we should be able to do so. We need to have a justice detention center to be able to enforce our Tribal laws from our Tribal Courts and Judges. We have come so far and now is the time to take us even farther. I still believe in offshore windmills to generate electricity that we could power our Casino and sell excess and I still see water being bottled and sold. We all know Hemp has been legal for a number of years now and I have always spoke of this and building a mill to manufacture the Hemp products. I think if we are going to build a casino in Salem then we should do it now. And if not and we are going to remodel the existing casino then it should be done right. Not build a little here and then build some there. One main Casino and hotel building needs to be built in the parking lot across the street from the casino behind the stores. Then you tear down the old hotel and casino and make into beach Front Park. Where we could have huge fireworks displays and other functions. These are but a few of my ideas moving into the future. I thank you for your time and may the Creator of all Good thing bless you and your family.

Frank Aspria

Reggie Butler

Headshot of Tribal Council member Reggie Butler Sr.

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Dear Tribal Member,

My name is Reggie Butler, Sr. and my term is up, and I am asking for your vote for another three years.

The Siletz Tribe has had changes this past year, in Council and administration, and this gives me hope that the Tribe will move forward. The Tribe has been status quo for too long.

The Tribe carries a large carry over in funds so services are not going out to the membership as it should. Education is one department that should get an increase because our future is in our membership and youth.

I also have asked for funds for a public defender for membership so if they go to tribal court they are duly represented before the judge.

Additional monies need to be budgeted for emergencies; also, economic development must happen around the Chinook Winds Casino.

Not all talented tribal members have had the opportunity to be employed with the tribe, but with a different administration more opportunities should be available.

Siletz Tribal Business Corporation (STBC) has also had a change, and personnel are working with the properties that are under tribal ownership. Our monies in economic development should be spent with due diligence so profits are returning back to the tribe.

Unfortunately, the Tribe cannot provide the much needed services due to COVID19. When we start operations at full capacity, I feel confident the current general manager will listen to the Tribal Council and membership, and your needs will be met.

I thank you for your vote.

Sharon Edenfield

Headshot of Tribal Council member Sharon Edenfield.

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My name is Sharon Edenfield and my Father is Bennie Brown Jr. and Mother is the late Edwina Ann (Simmons) Brown who was also known as Tink or Tinker. My Grandfather was Bennie Brown Sr. and Grandmother was Mary Ann (Butler) Brown, my other Grandfather was Edwin Simmons and Grandmother Clarinda Ann (Smith) Simmons and Great Grandfather was Hoxie Simmons.

I have 40+ years of experience working with the Tribe and 11 ½ years of experience as a seated member of Tribal Council. These years of experience I have gained will only enhance my contribution to better serve our membership.

I am proud to have been selected by Senator Wyden, a Ranking Member on the Senate Committee on Finance, to serve on the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee. Not only will I be representing the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, but will also represent Native people in Oregon and across the country. I serve on the General Welfare Exclusion Sub-Committee of this advisory committee as a Co-Chair.

I also serve as a Board Member to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contributions, Siletz Tribal Revolving Credit Program, Siletz Management Inc., and COHO Benefits.

With the Tribe and the Country impacted by the pandemic, work is still being done and Committee and Board Meetings are accomplished virtually.

On a personal note, I love being a grandmother and it has been very challenging as a family to not be able to gather, share meals, hug, etc. I am sure you are all experiencing these same feelings. We still find innovating ways to meet and stay connected. Staying connected to your loved ones is crucial to get through these trying times.

I take pride in being fair and honest and believe in equality. I feel I have a lot to offer our membership by serving on Tribal Council and am humbly requesting your support.

Please Stay Safe and exercise your right to Vote!


Sharon A. Edenfield