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Community Health Advocates provide a variety of services to assist Siletz tribal members, such as:

  • Children’s bicycle helmet distribution for children between the ages of 3-17 years.
  • Child safety car seat distribution to legal dependents of Siletz tribal members residing within the tribal service area.
  • Community events, outreach, and education to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to engage tribal and community members.
  • DPP Diabetes Prevention Programming
  • Home visits for:
    • Elder medication safety
    • Elder safety
    • Clients in need of close follow-up
    • Clients in need of health assistance
  • Medical program assistance regarding:
    • Oregon Health Plan applications
    • Purchased/Referred Care and Gatekeeping
    • Medical providers and other health agencies
    • Medical equipment and supplies
    • Prescriptions and over the counter medication
    • Health education on making better life choices
  • Siletz Office

    PO Box 320
    Siletz, OR 97380

    Community Health Advocate

    Serria Warren
    541-444-9652 or
    1-800-648-0049 ext. 1652

    Jeff Green
    541-444-9633 or
    1-800-648-0049 ext. 1633

    Eugene Area Office

    2468 W 11th Ave.
    Eugene, OR 97402

    Community Health Advocate II
    Jamie Boe
    Fax: 541-484-4583

    Portland Area Office

    12790 SE Stark St., Suite 102
    Portland, OR 97233

    Community Health Advocate
    Blanchette Villavicencio-Morrison
    Fax: 503-238-2436

    Salem Area Office

    3160 Blossom Dr. NE
    Salem, OR 97305

    Community Health Advocate
    Cecilia Tolentino
    Fax: 503-390-8099