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Culture & Language

Cultural Resources Program

The Cultural Resources Program promotes the unique cultural identity and history of the Tribe. Program staff works on research and preservation of language, dance, celebrations, basketry and issues related to the documentation, protection and preservation of cultural resources within the aboriginal homelands of the Siletz Tribe. The Cultural Resource Program also coordinates the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act issues on the local, regional, and national level.

Responsibilities of the Culture Resource Department and the Cultural Resources Committee include:

  • Sponsoring an annual Memorial Day dinner following a ceremony.
  • Review and respond to archaeological permit applications and project notifications throughout western Oregon, and other Siletz ancestral site protection/documentation work. Coordinate with State Historic Preservation Office and other state, federal, local entities to ensure protection whenever possible.
  • Maintain and expand Tribal Cultural and Historical/Archival collections, including new acquisitions, and documentation of Siletz collections in other museums.
  • Siletz Tribal Cultural Center planning and development.
  • Assist Tribal programs by providing accurate cultural and historical information, demonstrations and support for their cultural components.
  • Interpretive projects, class presentations and other services – when available.


Robert Kentta

Cultural Resources Director

Toll Free: 800-922-1399 ext. 1244

Culture Camp

(Held virtually for 2020)

A Culture Camp is held the second week of July in Siletz. The camp is for Tribal families to learn Tribal traditions, culture and history in a village type atmosphere. This is a time for our people to be together, learning together the ways of our ancestors. At the camp, there is a sense of belonging, where we meet relatives, make new friends and leave camp remembering we come from a strong tribe with a proud heritage.

“Promote our cultural and religious beliefs and to pass them on in our own way to our children, grandchildren and grandchildren’s children forever.”

Language & Arts

The Siletz Language and Traditional Arts program was established in 2003 to teach and promote use of the Siletz Athabaskan Language and Siletz Traditional Arts. The Language program offers a comprehensive array of Language materials for beginners to more advanced speakers. Siletz Dee-ni Language Volumes 1 & 2 offer a graduated approach to learning basic nouns, simple greetings and goodbyes and table talk. Volume 3 deals with verbs and verb conjugation and Athabaskan sentence structure. These Volumes of materials play on most standard computers, with the written word and the audio combined for ease of learning. Included with the audio and visual lessons are Word documents and tests that can printed for personal study and assessment. The Nuu-Wee-ya’ (Our words) Athabaskan Language Dictionary is completed and now available, along with an online “Talking Dictionary”. These resources can be found in the Member Area under “Our Language”.

The Language Program is also being taught in the Siletz Valley School, along with community classes ongoing monthly in the Siletz, Portland, Salem and Eugene Area offices. Traditional Arts are also taught in the Area offices prior to Language classes. The classes are scheduled two months in advance and posted in the Siletz News and in Area Newsletters. We also conduct seasonal gatherings of basket materials and teach Siletz basketry, regalia making and other Siletz traditions.

For more information on Language classes or materials and Traditional Arts contact:

Nick Viles

Traditional Arts & Language Instructor

541-484-4234 ext. 1757


Siletz Tribal Pow-Wows are under the direction of a Cultural Education Director. The Director works with a Pow-Wow Committee to plan and organize two Pow-Wows a year: Nesika Illahee Pow-Wow and Restoration Pow-Wow. This program coordinates culture awareness presentations for schools and other organizations and is the staff liaison for the Siletz Valley School.

To get more information about the Pow-Wows and view application forms, visit the Pow-Wow page.

Run to the Rogue

Each year the Siletz Tribal people and friends participate in Run to the Rogue, an annual relay run/walk to the Rogue River in Southwestern Oregon the second week of September. The Run commemorates the Siletz Tribal ancestors who were forcibly removed from their homeland in the Rogue River Country and marched north to Siletz.

2022 Run to the Rogue Canceled

Due to the Rum Creek fire in Southern Oregon, the 2022 Run to the Rogue event has been canceled.

You can read the News Release PDF or in the Member Area for more information.

Individual Cultural Activity Fund

Under the Individual Cultural Activity program, Tribal members may apply for a two hundred dollar ($200.00) grant to support their cultural activities. The intent of this program is to provide Tribal members with the financial support to purchase materials/supplies for making regalia of their choice.

Completed applications may be submitted to:

Buddy Lane

or mailed to:

PO Box 549
Siletz, OR 97380

Applications are approved twice annually by the CTSI Culture Committee (Spring and Fall). Approved grant applicants will receive written notice via the CTSI Cultural Education Director.

For more questions, contact:

Buddy Lane

Cultural Education Director