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The Diabetes Program offers a variety of services for individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes, who are at risk for diabetes, or are seeking information regarding diabetes.

The Diabetes Program is intended to:

  • Help guide the care of individuals with diabetes to improve the quality of their care.
  • Increase confidence in self-management diabetes treatment.

The Diabetes Program emphasizes the prevention of diabetes and reduces the complications of diabetes through evidence-based practice guidelines while evaluating clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes on an ongoing basis.


Services offered by the Diabetes Program include but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes and Chronic Conditions Support Group: A monthly luncheon and presentation to provide individuals with diabetes and other chronic conditions new tools to manage their chronic condition. This is open to the community.
  • Healthy Traditions Program

Health and Fitness

The Diabetes Program also operates the Tillicum Fitness Center and Recreation Center.

Diabetes Education

Individual or family appointments are available with our Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). A series of visits is recommended for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, and once each year for others. Available for clinic patients and tribal members with diabetes.

Diabetes Wellness Luncheon

An educational support group that meets for a home cooked meal and educational presentation. Available to those with diabetes and family members. Luncheons are held at the Tillicum Fitness Center.

Exercise Opportunities

Currently there is an active waiting list for those that would like to apply for the Exercise Program. The Tillicum Fitness Center is an excellent resource for Siletz residents.


Kimberly Lane

Diabetes Program Director