Enrollment Actions Requiring Tribal Council Action

  • Application for Enrollment;
  • Name Change on the Tribal roll;
  • Blood Quantum Correction;
  • Relinquishment of Tribal Membership;
  • Removal from the Tribal roll (generally due to a Tribal member passing);

Enrollment Committee

The Enrollment Committee is appointed by the Tribal Council through the Standing Committee application process. For details on the duties and powers of the Enrollment Committee, see the Enrollment Ordinance.

Before any actions are taken by Tribal Council, the Enrollment Clerk reviews the application/request to determine if the application/request is complete. The application/request is then forwarded to the Enrollment Committee.

On a quarterly basis, the Enrollment Committee reviews applications & requests to make a recommendation to Tribal Council. Their recommendation is posted in the area offices, Tribal Administration Building and on the Tribal website prior to action by Tribal Council.

Tribal Council will then take action on the applications and requests at their next regular tribal council meeting following the close of the posting period. The Tribal Council’s action will be published in the following Siletz News for the general membership to be easily informed of enrollment actions affecting the Tribal membership.

Enrollment Committee meetings are held via Zoom at 5:00 PM.

2023 Enrollment Committee Meetings

  • January 11: Regular Meeting
  • February 8: Post Review #320
  • March 8: Regular Meeting
  • April 12: Regular Meeting
  • May 10: Post Review #321
  • June 14: Regular Meeting
  • July 12: Regular Meeting
  • August 9: Post Review #322
  • September 13: Regular Meeting
  • October 11: Post Review #323
  • November 8: Regular Meeting
  • December: No Meeting Held – Blackout Period

Quarterly Deadlines

As of January 2010, actions for enrollment have been and continue to be completed on a quarterly basis. Applications and requests can be submitted at any time, however, action by staff, the Enrollment Committee and Tribal Council will occur depending on when the application or request is considered complete.

Each year, per the Election Ordinance and the Enrollment Ordinance, there is a “blackout period” from December 1st until the conclusion of the Election Day (generally the 1st Saturday in February) when no Enrollment Actions are taken.

2023 Deadlines

Quarter Date Post Number
1st Quarter 1/06/2023 Post #320 for Tribal Council Action 03/16/2023
2nd Quarter 4/07/2023 Post #321 for Tribal Council Action 06/16/2023
3rd Quarter 7/07/2023 Post #322 for Tribal Council Action 09/15/2023
4th Quarter 9/01/2023 Post #323 for Tribal Council Action 11/14/2023

For further information on Enrollment Actions, the role of Staff and the Enrollment Committee, review the Enrollment Ordinance.