Chief Judge


TITLE: Chief Judge

DIVISION: Siletz Tribal Court

COMPENSATION: Determined by Tribal Council

TERM: The Chief Judge is appointed by the Tribal Council for a term of four (4) years

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: The Chief Judge is an independent contractor

CLOSING DATE: Until applicant is appointed by the Siletz Tribal Council

SELECTION PROCESS: The Siletz Tribal Council appoints Chief Judge by resolution.  In making its selection in addition to the qualifications listed below, the Tribal Council gives preference to the following: (1) an enrolled tribal member; (2) experience working as a state judge, tribal judge, or tribal lay advocate; and (3) experience working in federal Indian and tribal law.

QUALIFICATIONS OF CHIEF JUDGE: The qualifications of the Chief Judge are set out in Section 3.011 of the Siletz Tribal Court Rules and Procedures Ordinance.  The Chief Judge must be A graduate of an accredited law school; Licensed to practice in Siletz Tribal Court, provided an otherwise qualified applicant may become licensed to practice in Siletz Tribal Court after selection with approval of the Siletz Tribal Council; Must be at least 25 years of age, of good moral character, and never have been convicted of a felony; Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education; and, Be in good standing in any legal organization in which they are a member or are required to be a member.

JURISDICTION OF THE SILETZ TRIBAL COURT: The Tribal Court has subject matter jurisdiction over cases arising within the territory of the Siletz Tribe and jurisdiction to review and overturn tribal legislative and executive actions which violate the provisions of the Siletz Constitution or of the Federal Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended, to the extent such actions adversely affect the legal rights of any person or entity.  Additionally, the Tribal Court has jurisdiction over other matters as authorized by tribal ordinances.

SCOPE OF DUTIES: The Chief Judge shall be the chief judicial officer of the Siletz Tribe and the head of the Siletz Tribal Court.  The Chief Judge shall administer the Tribal Court, including but not limited to responsibility for performing all judicial and court functions of the Tribal Court, provided, that the Chief Judge may delegate his or her administrative authority to an Associate Judge or other appropriate person upon budgetary approval by appropriate tribal officials.  The Chief Judge may serve as Presiding Judge of the Siletz District Court, Siletz Gaming Court, or Siletz Court of Appeals, as appropriate.

MORE INFORMATION: For detailed information on qualifications, responsibilities and duties of the Siletz Tribal Court, please refer to

HOW TO APPLY: If interested in possible appointment as the Chief Judge for the Siletz Tribal Court, please submit your resume to: Siletz Tribal Council, P.O. Box 549, Siletz, Oregon 97380.