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General Manager

Opening Date:         September 9, 2021
Closing Date:           Open Until Filled
Job Title:                  General Manager
Salary/Wage:            61.98/hour
Tribal Level              TL 27.0 or Negotiable
Location:                  Siletz, Oregon
Classification:          Full time, Exempt
Job Posting Number: 202174

Note: New employees are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their first day of employment or submit a request for exemption to the Human Resource Manager, prior to starting employment.

The General Manager serves in the capacity of the top administrative officer for the Tribe, responsible for integrating a complex array of services that support the delivery of services.  Reporting to the Tribal Council and serving as the senior member of the strategic leadership team.  This position is regularly involved in developing strategies and action plans for optimizing service to staff and the Tribal communities.  This position is in continuous and high level contact with Tribal Council members, other administrators, and external agencies to accomplish the objectives of the position.  The General Manager requires a high level of competency and the ability to develop and implement current and long-range business plans, oversee financial management issues, and monitor organization performance outcomes.

The General Manager plans, organizes, and directs the operations, services, programs, and enterprises that comprise the Tribal Government.  Ensures that financial, legal, and personnel systems and processes work effectively to support overall operations.  Implements initiatives, legislative actions that enhance services delivery and performance.

Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in related fields of  Business Administration or Finance and education related to Government / Federal agencies and progressively responsible experience in one of the administrative functions to include five years of management or supervisory experience -OR- an equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience.

Preference will be given to applicants with experience working for Tribal entities and/or Federal agencies that work with Tribes.

Strong personal commitment to furthering the Siletz Tribe’s ability to maintain its cultural identity, political autonomy, and economic self-sufficiency.

Knowledge of and skills in:
Business management for Tribal or municipal organizations, including the principles and practices associated with integrating unique business functions.  Federal Indian law and trust responsibility, sovereignty, Tribal-state relations, and Tribal self-determination in addition to local Tribal governance.  In-depth knowledge of the principles and procedures used in budget preparation, administration, and organizational performance management.  The role of technology in conducting business and of contributing to community vitality.  Tribal culture and customs, preferred.  Community-based services such as natural resources, housing, health, social services, and employment.  Solving complex problems that involve consideration of tradeoffs, risks, and effects on services and people.   Advanced language and human relation skills to prepare complex and decisive reports, prepare and deliver formal presentations to large and diverse audiences, and to build productive and effective work teams. Working knowledge of managing investments.

 Experience in:
Successfully managing a complex public or private sector organization with diverse program responsibilities. Administering budgets, fiscal, information systems, and performance measurements in an organization of related size, scope, and program areas.   Federal and state programs available to serve the education, housing, health, employment, and social service needs of Tribal members.  Indirect cost proposals and budgeting, as well as self-governance.

Ability to:
Analyze complex technical reports and data, like construction drawings, timber harvest forecasts, economic and fiscal studies and/or federal regulations and policies. Assist Tribal Council formulate its policy decisions by providing necessary background information and by proposing alternative solutions. Carry out the responsibilities of the position and achieve current and long-range business plans.   Effectively integrate services that are used by all employees and the community, manage resources, to prepare, administer, and report budgets, including grant reporting and regulatory compliance.  Lead and direct the work of others to create a team atmosphere.  Maintain sufficient levels of personnel direction, supervision, training, and compensation to attract and retain capable personnel and to support Tribal employees in carrying out their tasks.  Encourage others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities.  Make formal presentations to large, diverse, public audiences.   Liaison and work closely with all relevant segments of the Tribe and its staff, and administration in respect to promoting, furthering, and maintaining the assigned programs.  Exhibit tact, courtesy, and patience in all working relationships.   Write clearly and concisely.   Work with a culturally and economically diverse population and be sensitive to Tribal cultures and issues. Maintain productive and cooperative working relationship with other agencies within shared jurisdictions.  Make independent judgments about matters that require managerial action and to identify and communicate policy questions that require Tribal Council direction.

Ensures Tribal Council is informed on matters affecting the Tribe. On behalf of the Tribal Council, develops, advocates for and implements strategies to strengthen Tribal member relations, awareness of, and participation in Tribal government services, events, and activities.   Establish and maintain a workplace that is conducive to teamwork and collaboration, appreciation of diversity, promotes high levels of employee morale and productivity, and encourages employee growth and development.   Establishes and maintains a collaborative and team-oriented workplace that embraces diversity, encourages a continual search for best work practices and employee growth and development, and inspires high levels of morale and productivity.  Serves as a key contributor to, and facilitator of activities around grant development and other sources of fund raising, community and economic development programs and goals. Provides oversight and leadership to programs assessing needs for Tribal services.   Directs and coordinates, through the finance and accounting department, financial planning, budgeting, development of systems, and preparation of the Tribe’s financial performance statements.  In collaboration with the CFO and Controller, consults with the Tribal Council on current and long-range financial matters, master planning, capital projects, and the facility and equipment needs to adequately support business and customer service goals.  Oversees administration of contracts for professional services, management and distribution of supplies and equipment, and fixed asset and inventory control.  Administers capital projects and specially funded construction programs including contractual arrangements, bidding, financial planning, schedules, and acceptable work-in-progress.  Directs and integrates human resources services that include recruitment, organization development, training, and employee engagement programs.   Assures that Human Resources is set up to provide support to the Tribe’s operating units and employees.  Maintains up-to-date knowledge of legislation, initiatives, and business matters affecting Tribal affairs, including requirements for funding and reporting. Serves as an advocate for Tribal services and enterprises within the organization and to the community.  Identify and help eliminate administrative barriers in Tribal government operations.   Participation in the Tribal Entity Managers Clearinghouse Meetings.   Performs other duties as required to accomplish the objectives of the position.

 All new employees will serve a six-month probationary period to enable the General Manger to determine their suitability as a tribal employee.  After the six-month probation the employee will be evaluated of his/her performance and at that time, it will be, decided if the employee is entitled to a regular employee status.

How to Apply

All applicants must submit a Tribal “Application for Employment Form”, found here: Employment Application
Applications must be received by the closing date of this announcement to receive consideration.


If applying for more than one position, separate applications will be required for each position.
The high school diploma/GED requirement will be waived for Tribal Elders

Send Applications To

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
Attn: Human Resources Department
P.O. Box 549
Siletz, OR 97380

Fax number: 855-573-1032
Human Resources: 1-800-922-1399 ext. 1274

Conditions of Employment

The selectee will be required to submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use before employment.

New employees are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their first day of employment or submit a request for exemption to the Human Resource Manager, prior to starting employment.

May need to provide DMV Driver Record and proof of Automobile insurance.

The Tribe’s Indian Preference Policy will apply. Tribal government will not discriminate in selection because of race, creed, age, sex, color, national origin, physical handicap, marital status, politics, membership, and non-membership in an employee organization.