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Medicare Reimbursement Information for Siletz Tribal Members

What: The Siletz tribe reimburses any Siletz tribal member for their Medicare B (Hospital) and D (Pharmacy) premiums.

How: Forward a copy of the letter you receive from Social Security or your Part D coverage provider that states how much they will deduct or you will have to pay monthly for your premium to: 

Siletz Community Health Clinic
Attn: Sara Bell-Tellez
P.O. Box 320
Siletz, OR 97380


Email to:
Fax to: 541-444-9678

Once you have submitted your paperwork you will receive your reimbursement on the 1st of the following month however you receive your elder’s stipend – paper check or direct deposit (if you are not an elder please let Sara know how you would like to be reimbursed; if you would like direct deposit please include a blank “voided” check with your letter).

In case of any change in cost of premium you must provide a copy of your new letter with updated premium information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you back reimburse?

No, we do not back pay; reimbursement starts the month after paperwork is submitted.

Do you reimburse for Medicare supplements?

No, only for the cost of the Medicare B and D premiums.

Will I receive a 1099 for taxes?

No, it is a reimbursement program and not a payment, per capita, etc. so a 1099 is not needed.