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Natural Resources Committee

2021 Natural Resources Committee Members

William Lane


Dennis Tufts


Frankie Logan

Max Hoover

Thomas Siniscal

Oscar Hatfield

Robert Kentta

Tribal Council Rep.

Loraine Butler

Alt. Tribal Council Rep.

Committee Meeting Agenda – December 6th, 2021

Posted one week before the scheduled meeting date.

2021 Committee Meeting Schedule

Regular monthly meetings are scheduled to start at 4:45 PM by Teleconference and/or Zoom as necessary.

Month Day
January 4th
February 1st
March 1st
April 5th
May 3rd
June 7th (3:30 PM)
July 6th
August 2nd
September 7th
October 4th (3:30 PM)
November 1st
December 6th