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Overall CTSI Calendar

Some events have additional information available. Click on the calendar item, then click “Read More” to go to the page.

For youth-specific events, please see the Youth Calendar.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this calendar is subject to change.

Events in October 2022

  • - STCCF Advisory Board Meeting, Health Comm. Meeting, NR Comm. Meeting, Elk Tag Drawing
    STCCF Advisory Board Meeting
    Health Comm. Meeting
    NR Comm. Meeting
    Elk Tag Drawing
  • - Housing Comm. Meeting
    Housing Comm. Meeting
  • - Elders Council Meeting
    Elders Council Meeting
  • - Siletz News Deadline
    Siletz News Deadline
  • - Elders Woodcut
    Elders Woodcut
  • - SpTC Gaming Meeting, Resident's Organization Meeting
    SpTC Gaming Meeting
    Resident's Organization Meeting
  • - Regular Tribal Council Meeting - Brookings, OR
    Regular Tribal Council Meeting - Brookings, OR
  • - Halloween