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Jon Duarte

Transit Coordinator

STTS Commitee

The Siletz Tribal Transit System (STTS) Committee is the transit advisory body for Tribal public transit programs.  Members of the committee include a representative from the Tribal GSA Program, Elders Program, Clinic, Planning and Lincoln County Transit.  The Veterans Coordinator is also an invited member. For more information, and to volunteer, contact the Transit Coordinator (information above).

The committee meets quarterly, and on-call as needed.

Current Committee Members

Jon Duarte


Heidi Lussier

GSA Program

Jeff Green

CHA/Medical Transport, Clinic

Tina Retasket

Temp. Programs Mgr. I

Rachelle Endres

CARE Program

Chelsie Mason

Elders Program

Cynda Bruce

General Mgr., Lincoln Co. Transit


Tony Molina

Tribal Veterans



Agenda Template (Ver 1)

None at this time.


Minutes Template (Ver 1)

None at this time.

About the Program

Transit Services consists of two components: Service provided directly by the Tribe, or public transit services available to Tribal members with Tribal ID. To learn more about these services, read below.

Services Provided Directly by the Tribe

Through a network of Tribally-owned vans and busses, Tribal members receive transportation to:

  • Scheduled group activities
  • Congregate meals for Elders
  • Medical appointments

and other destinations for which other public or private transportation services is not readily available. These services are available on an as-needed basis in Lincoln County and at each of our three Tribal area offices (Portland, Salem, and Eugene). To schedule transportation services from the Tribe, contact the relevant Tribal program, including; Elders, Health Services, Employment, Culture, and Education.

Scheduling Tribal Transportation

Call 541-444-9633 to schedule a Tribal Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. You can leave a message for scheduling medical transportation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

To read more about the Tribal Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, visit this link.

To schedule rides with other programs, visit the Services & Programs page and select the program you’re wanting to contact.

Scheduled Public Transit Services

Through a federal Tribal Transit grant awarded to the Tribe, we have contracted with Lincoln County Transit to greatly expand the services available to Tribal members (and other community members) in Siletz and along the most frequently traveled corridors stretching from Toledo to Newport to Lincoln City.

As part of our agreement with the county, Tribal Members can ride for free on county buses by showing their Tribal ID.

Bus Schedule

Transit Intercity Bus Schedule – Lincoln City, OR

External Links

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