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Women’s & Men’s Transitional Living Centers

Vision Statement

Our journey is linked to the past. It is with our traditions, cultural values, and today’s knowledge that we embrace recovery. In a safe haven we support and nurture each other in recovery with positive relationship and humor.

The ceremony and spiritual path of each individual is respected. As a circle of individuals placing their roots in recovery, we restore, mend and strengthen ourselves and future generations.


  • Life skills training
  • Housing
  • Referral to appropriate resources
  • Parenting education
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Talking Circles & Women’s Talking Circles
  • Recovery support


  • Men & Women
  • Men & Women with young children
  • Siletz Tribal Members
  • Native Americans enrolled in other Tribes
  • Non-Natives with close ties to the Siletz Tribal Community


Hours of Operation

24-hour staff/volunteer coverage.

Call 541-444-8286 for more information.