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Tribal Court Forms

Contact Tribal Court at 541-444-8228 or 800-922-1399 with any questions.

Notice From Tribal Court

Beginning June 1, 2021, the following filing fees schedule will be in place (click to expand list).

Siletz Tribal Court Filing Fee/Copy Charge

Effective June 1, 2021

Adoption $100.00
Appeal, Filing Notice of $50.00
Audio Record (tape) $5.00
Copies, standard $.25 per page
Certified Copy $5.00 +$.25 per page
Fax $1 first page $.50
additional pages
Certified Copy
Guardianship letter
$5.00 +$.25 per page
Civil Action, not small claim
$0- $10,000 $100.00
$10,001 – $49,999 $200.00
50,000-1,000,000 $400.00
More than 1,000,000 $800.00
Contempt of Court $1,000.00 – $5000.000
Co-Petition $200.00
Election Challenge $25.00
Electronically stored case
documents (hard copy)
$3.00/each request
Emancipation $100.00
Guardianship, individual petition $50.00
Mailing Costs Actual Cost
Marriage Application $100.00
Marriage Solomnization
To person performing marriage
Name Change $50.00
Small Claims,
Enforce Judgment under $2,500
Petitioner $25.00
Small Claims,
Enforce Judgment Over $2,500
Petitioner $50.00
Respondent if
requesting reconsideration


Upon filing of the completed petition a Summons and Proof of Service will be issued by Tribal Court.


Upon filing of the completed petition a Summons and Proof of Service will be issued by Tribal Court.

Per Capita

Important Notice Regarding 2021 Per Capita

If you believe you are going to have a per capita garnishment either for debt to the Tribe or For Child Support:

Monies owed to the Tribe: There will be no hearings. Your written protest is your due process in accordance with the Ordinance.

Child Support: If you do not submit a written protest you will not have a hearing scheduled. If you do not submit a written Protest within the 14-day timeframe, you will not be allowed to do so via phone.

Tribal Court will accept requests to be present via telephone in your written request.

Ordinances are created by Tribal Council. Changes in Ordinances must be directed to the Tribal Council.