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The Enrollment Department

The Enrollment Staff is responsible for maintaining the Tribal Membership Roll as accurately as possible and processing requests affecting the Tribal Membership Roll.

Update us if your address changes with the Address & Contact Information Update form, Review the Address Update link below.  You may email or call us if you are updating phone number(s) and/or email address.

You may email correspondence to the EnrollmentDepartment@ctsi.nsn.us, note email is insecure and at your discretion.  You may request for Enrollment Staff to reply through encrypted email.

If you do not have a designated Death Beneficiary or do not remember the last time you updated it, review the Death Benefits section. 

Contact Information

201 SE Swan Ave
PO Box 549
Siletz, OR 97380

Phone: 541-444-8258
Toll Free:
800-922-1399 ext. 1258

Email: EnrollmentDepartment@ctsi.nsn.us

Fax: 541-444-8296


Access enrollment forms and further instructions on the processes.

Address Updates

Update your address through enrollment and view instructions on updating it for other departments.

Death Benefits

Learn about funds Tribal members have access to to assist their families with funeral and burial expenses.

Verifying Your Enrollment

Learn about how you can verify your enrollment in the Siletz Tribe and request a Tribal ID.

Enrollment  Schedule

View committee meeting dates and deadlines for enrollment actions.

Notices & Publications

Learn how you can access “public” Enrollment Postings and read the Enrollment Ordinance.

Funeral Notices

View the public Funeral Notices for Siletz Tribal members.

Federal Forms/Links

Access the Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes form and BIA-4432 form information.

Enrollment Staff

Enrollment Officer (Enrollment Supervisor)
Angela Martin
Email: Angela.Martin@ctsi.nsn.us
Phone: 541-444-8254

Enrollment Officer
Heather Butler
Email: HeatherB@ctsi.nsn.us
Phone: 541-444-8251

Enrollment Officer
Sheila Aviles
Email: SheilaA@ctsi.nsn.us
Phone: 541-444-8276

Enrollment Clerk
Allison Simmons
Email: AllisonS@ctsi.nsn.us
Phone: 541-444-8258

Data Coordinator
Micah Case-Welch
Email: MicahcW@ctsi.nsn.us
Phone: 541-444-8271


Enrollment Action

The fourth quarter deadline is September 1st.

Are You Receiving Your Mail from the Tribe?

If not, you may need to update your address with the Enrollment Department.

You may obtain the Address & Contact Information Update form here on the Address Updates page or request we send it to you by email or U.S. Postal service.

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