Tribal Spokesperson

Tribal Spokespersons

Following is a list of spokespersons that are current members of the Siletz Tribal Court Bar.

Please note that any fees charged are between spokesperson and client; Tribal Court has nothing to do with any fee agreement.

Tribal Member Spokespersons

To reach any of the spokespersons listed below, please contact Tribal Court 541-444-8228 or 800-922-1399 ext. 1228 or 1218.

Leave your name, reason for requesting a spokesperson, your phone number and mailing address.

  • Jackson, Vanessa (Non-attorney) J. D. Candidate, May 2022, University of Oregon School of Law, Phone: 808-954-5418
  • Opperud, Debbie (Lifefeather), (Non-attorney) Public Number: 541-270-9431

Non-Tribal Member Spokespersons

Richard Diaz, Attorney

Macpherson, Gintner, & Diaz

PO Box 1270
Newport, OR 97365

Phone: 541-265-8881

Diane Henkels, Attorney

Address (1)
621 SW Morrison, Portland, OR 97205

Address (2)
PO Box 1023
Newport, OR 97365

Phone:  541-270-6001

Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)

Blair Bobier, Attorney, Regional Director
Shelby Tilden, Attorney

PO Box 1970
Newport, OR 97365

Phone (1): 1-800-222-3884
Phone (2): 541-265-5305

Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Native American Program (NAPOLS)
Martha Klein Izenson

4531 SE Belmont St., Suite 201
Portland, OR 97215

Phone: 503-223-9483
Fax: 503-206-7073

George A McCoy

Warren Allen LLP

850 NE 122nd
Portland, OR 97230

Phone: 503-255-8795

Jack Wray

Andrews Ersoff & Zantello

2941 NW US 101, Suite A
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Phone: 541-944-7350
Fax: 541-944-7836

Joshua D. Zantello, Esq.

Andrews Ersoff & Zantello
Attorneys at Law

2941 NW US 101, Suite A
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Phone: 541-994-7350
Fax: 541-994-7836

Tribal Court Peacemakers

Following is a current list of Peacemakers that have been certified by Tribal Council. For Peacemaker Rules, please refer to the Peacemaker Ordinance.

Appointed in May 2004

  • Brown, Lisa E
  • Higgins, Helen
  • Siniscal, George